Scott Ian, Brendon Small, Corey Taylor, Brian Posehn Collaboration Record Coming This Year

The guitarist also gives new Anthrax album update, discusses Damned Things reunion and more.

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Apart from cooking up the new Anthrax album, Scott Ian has recently also been busy with an interesting Brian Posehn collaboration - a metal album featuring the likes of Metalocalypse mastermind Brendon Small, Slipknot singer Corey Taylor, renowned metal drummer John Tempesta and more.

Chatting with Metal Insider, the guitarist confirmed a 2014 release, revealing that Steel Panther singer Michael Starr and his fellow Anthrax members Jon Donais and Charlie Benante are also involved with the project.

"That record is really shaping up," Ian said. "A few years back, Brian had an idea to write some fun metal songs to put on his comedy records and going into this run, his idea was, 'Let's just make a whole album, do you think we could do that?' And I said 'Yeah we can absolutely do that as long as you have funny ideas that are going to work and I'll come up with all the music you need.' This time we had other people writing too, but it's coming along great."

Scott then confirmed having "six originals and two or three covers" ready to go. Speaking of which, one of the previously announced cover tunes is the metalized version of "What Does the Fox Say" viral hit.

After confirming that the record will be out this year "for sure," the guitarist continued with the project's personnel. "A lot of that's done already," he said. "We're almost done with drum tracks. Charlie Benante is actually playing drums on five or six of the songs I think, and John Tempesta is playing on drums on the rest, another four songs probably.

"Brendon Small has gotten pretty heavily involved in it and Corey Taylor is already on the record and Michael from Steel Panther is already on the record," Ian continued. "Jon Donais from Anthrax now is on the record. He actually wrote one of the songs. The list of other dudes that have said they want to come in and either sing or play a lead break is pretty incredible."

Back to his main band, Ian described the upcoming Anthrax effort as "harder, faster and more brutal," adding that "if you liked 'Worship Music,' you're gonna like this." "The one thing I can say is that it definitely has more thrash elements," he explained. "It definitely hearkens back to more of who we were in the '80s, yet at the same time sounding like us now in present day, which is what a lot of people said about 'Worship Music.' I think this one hits even harder and faster, more brutal with crazier riffs."

Finally, Scott addressed the possibility of the Damned Things reunion record, a supergroup project featuring himself and members of Fall Out Boy, Volbeat and Every Time I Die. Despite being realistic about clashing schedules issues, Ian expressed great desire to hit the studio with the Damned Things crew once again. "I'd like to think some day we will make another record, when and how I don't know," he said. "But my answer would be yes I want to. Absolutely."

So it's a lot of fresh updates we have here, but which record would you look forward to the most - Posehn project, new Anthrax or a Damned Things reunion record? Let us know in the comments.

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    Nice to see Brendon Small referred to as Brendon Small instead of "Metalocalypse Creator".
    Don't care. They still ****ed it up. This is my logic. If they have writers who are writing these articles that don't know enough about guitar, and guitar culture, and entertainment in general to already know who Brendon Small is then something is wrong.
    I agree with you, you just have to keep in mind, there are music listeners and then there are musicians. I fall in the musician category. two completely different points of view. neither side is wrong, its just different.