Scott Ian: 'Meeting Paul McCartney Was Like Being in the Presence of a God'

artist: Scott Ian date: 06/20/2014 category: music news
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Scott Ian: 'Meeting Paul McCartney Was Like Being in the Presence of a God'
In a new interview with Mulatschag (via Metal Hammer), Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has described the time he met former Beatle Paul McCartney as equivalent to being in the presence of a god:

"I got to meet Paul McCartney one time. I didn't have a conversation, but I shook his hand. It's the closest I could compare to, like, gods that are walking the earth with us.

"Granted, I know they're just humans that f--king bleed the same colour I do, but the s--t they've done and they've experienced in their lifetimes, it just can't be touched."

In the same interview, Ian talked about his friendship with the late Ronnie James Dio

"Ronnie was a guy who just made you feel great when you were around him. He always made sure to take care of everyone else around him first. He was just such a great host and such a lovely man and always had something great to say. And after you'd be with him, you'd just be, 'Goddamn, I love being around that guy.' You just felt better about yourself afterwards."

Anthrax is currently working on the follow-up to 2011's "Worship Music."
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