Scott Weiland A Day Before His Firing: 'No One's Ever Fired Anybody In STP'

Just a day before being officially "terminated" from the Stone Temple Pilots, the singer spoke about the band and his willingness to rejoin the Velvet Revolver.

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Merely a single day prior to his firing from the Stone Temple Pilots, frontman Scott Weiland spoke about the current situation within the group. Ironcally, the singer said that he believes the band "just needs some new blood," adding that "no one's ever fired anybody in STP."

"STP has not broken up. I haven't quit. I haven't been fired. We're talking about when we want to tour next. My personal feeling is that we just need some new blood in the band. It'll give it new energy, so that we're not just playing the same greatest hits set we've been playing ever since we got back together after I left Velvet Revolver," the vocalist tells Rolling Stone magazine.

"I'd like to make a new record so it breathes new life into it. Right now, I'm focused on building my solo career with this group of guys. That's what feels right."

Weiland didn't discard the possibility of a Velvet Revolver reunion either, admitting however that "it's not something he can count on".

"As far as Velvet Revolver goes, I'd love it if it happened. But it's not something I can count on, and it's not something that I can control. If it happens, it'll happen. It would be a great thing. I know the fans would love to see it, but I respect that Slash has a solo career and he wants it to succeed the same way that I would like my solo career to succeed. Having said that, whether things work out in a timely fashion, and if it's quarterbacked right by the team and we all work together... it's all very sensitive right now, but I'd like to do it. It would be fun."

When asked about the rumors of his firing started by Slash a few months ago, the singer seemed obviously surprised.

"Slash said STP fired me? Oh, no no no. Slash doesn't know anything about STP. Those guys wanted to get together to talk about touring, but I don't think touring right now is the best thing. STP has a legacy, and to protect that is very, very important to me. But to go and do the kind of offers that we were getting would be diminishing the brand, and I don't want to do that. There are offers right now. There are offers that I passed up on. There's offers that those guys didn't want as well. There were some hurt egos, but that's the way it is. Things are like a family. No one's ever fired anybody in STP."

The next day, Stone Temple Pilots have released a short announcement saying that "they have officially terminated Scott Weiland" with "no further information available at this time".

The singer immediately reacted with an official statement revealing he found out about getting fired from the press.

"I learned of my supposed 'termination' from Stone Temple Pilots this morning by reading about it in the press. Not sure how I can be 'terminated' from a band that I founded, fronted and co-wrote many of its biggest hits, but that's something for the lawyers to figure out."

So this is all very confusing. The possibility of Weiland getting fired from the band isn't the first thing you'd think of from this interview, right? Tell us what you think about the whole situation in the comments section below.

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    Is it just me, or does that picture make him look a office worker singing karaoke?
    Mr Brownst0ne
    Heeeeerrrrreeeee come the heroin jokes, kids!
    Why the military wants Scott Weiland so badly? Because he's an expert at shooting.
    Also, why Weiland got fired from his job as a plumber? Because he cracked a pipe... (Sorry, I`ll go away now)
    Why did Bono join STP?? Because he's on Heroin!
    But then he quickly resigned after realizing he'd be the second lead singer....Bono is never second.
    Bono is number 2...He's the 2nd largest piece of crap in the world, weighing over 80 Courics, according to the European Fecal Standards and Measurements headquartered in Zrich, Switzerland. 1 Couric equals approximately 2.5 pounds of excrement.
    Normally you would think this to be a great wake up call for a Fucktard like Scott....but sadly, it seems he will just keep on messing up his own career as long as he can. He and Axl should start a band.
    What do NASA and Scott Weiland have in common? They both "shoot up"
    "I'd like to make a new record so it breathes new life into it. Right now, I'm focused on building my solo career with this group of guys. That's what feels right." so Stone temple Pilots is your solo carreer now? wtf dude.
    what if: Velvet revolver reunites and myles moves back to alter bridge. 2 new albums from 2 amazing great bands
    Scott should hook up with Courtney Love
    I read on Wiki that Roddy Bottom (Faith No More) went out with Courtney for a while before coming out of the closet! Weird
    Rob Man
    Well, I guess it's too hard to ask for the truth today from rock stars on what really happened. Is he too full of pride to admit that he was fired, or would that cause him to see for himself that he is replaceable? I would give anything to have his status in music.
    paint with fire
    Huh? "No one in STP has ever gotten fired" was a quote from the day before he got fired, not after.
    He said this before STP fired him, but to this day, he says he left Velvet Revolver even though it is common knowledge he was fired
    They pushed him out of the band and forced him to leave VR. He wasn't actually fired. They said they really just stopped talking to him until he went away.
    Weiland wanted to get help for his crack problem and when he asked the guys if they could take a break from touring, they said no as they were already booked. Weiland decided to call it quits. And it was Weiland who broke the news at a show (in Scotland I believe). I think he thought he could just waltz on back but VR said no.
    He's trying really hard to convince people he didn't **** up.
    He did, but so did everybody else to a greater or lesser degree. I'm sick of this faggish thing that goes on with so many bands, like Dream Theater for example. This is a business also, just do ****ing therapy or be a man and reunite dealing with your bullshit. Doesn't matter whose fault it is, you just have to solve it. Our mothers teach us this by the age we're 3, so...It's their obligation to do better.
    Dream Theater did solve it. Notice how they ignored all of Portnoy's whining? 'Cause that's what adults do; they ignore other adults who behave badly.
    Army of Anyone... Anyone? Those guys dont need scott... STP is over... And the last album was a lackluster bust. Scott has to do the greatest hits because the album was just that band thanks to a junkie singer songwriter that drove it into the ground.
    So who is STP going to hire to take his place? My vote is Billy Idol.
    I hate when big bands think they can be better with another singer. Other than AC/DC, none other come to mind. My hope is STP will just live off their royalty checks till they can function as a band again.
    Van Halen? Obviously Roth is king but they did pretty well without him too.
    Not necessarily better... But Alice In Chains is a good example like AC/DC.. But Cantrell was a second singer and kick ass writer and guitarist... So adding another singer with Laynes vocal range and style makes it work.
    Weiland needs to put his shit together and the others shall help him out if they want STP to move on. Scott's solo carrer sucks, just as Army of Anyone sucked big time. Wanting or not, it's with these colliding personalities that the best music was ever made - Guns, Metallica, Velvet R., Dream Theater, all good examples.
    Slash has already made it CLEAR that Scott Weiland is NOT welcome back to VR. STP put on one of THE WORST shows ever, in Vancouver out in Abbotsford. I am glad he got fired and would just wish he'd go die quietly of an overdose somewhere. He is overrated and a pain in the ass.
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    I am a big STP Fan, but after Tiny Music . . . . everything was a bust for me. Maybe it is time to hang it up