Scott Weiland Announces 'Blaster' as New Album Title, Fires Guitarist Doug Grean

Album tentatively due in November, band "half way through it."

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Former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland has announced "Blaster" as the title of his new third solo album, also sharing a tentative November release.

Chatting with FM 94/9, Scott noted that the writing process has kicked off about a year ago. "We went up to my cabin in Washington, and we started writing songs," he said.

Discussing the current state of affairs, the vocalist revealed that he had to part ways with multi-instrumentalist Doug Grean, despite the longtime work relationship.

"We all came to the same agreement - we wanted to be a four-piece, we needed more space between the beats, more space between the notes and eventually I had to call him up and tell him that we made the big decision," he said.

Getting back to the new album, Weiland added, "We're half way through it. It's got a different sound, it's rock 'n' roll, but it's indie, it's got that rough, noisy garage sound."

During the rest of the chat, Scott singled out Nirvana as the only band from the old grunge scene that could still make it big if they were formed in modern time. Check out the clip below for more details.

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    I don't even know what Scott Weiland looks like without a scarf, sunglasses and a hat on. He could be standing next to me and I wouldn't recognize him without it all.
    Glad to hear Scott giving NIRVANA props.. but could ANY of those great bands from the 90's, or any era for that matter, make it in today's world of zero attention spans and taste-for-shit musical outlook and packaged processed cookie cutter made in hollywood assembly line american idol auto-tune "artists"? Highly unlikely. The Beatles wouldnt even "make it" today.
    Scott is awesome if he manages to pull through and not get stuck in his addictions. I'd love to see him release a new record and play live.