Scott Weiland Claims STP Fired Him To Boost Ticket Sales

The singer accuses the band for lying about his 'termination', calling the whole situation a publicity stunt.

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After officially responding to his recent firing from the Stone Temple Pilots, frontman Scott Weiland went on to call the entire situation a publicity stunt meant for boosting ticket sales.

"STP is not broken up. It's a whole thing to try to boost ticket sales," Weiland tells TMZ.

The vocalist seems pretty certain he can't be fired from the group, stressing out that he is the one who started it in the first place. According to Weiland, the rest of the STP members "have done a lot of that stuff in the past" and that is just "the way they roll".

Stone Temple Pilots have released a short announcement last Wednesday saying that they "they have officially terminated Scott Weiland". The vocalist was quick to respond with a statement of his own, revealing he found out about his firing from the press.

"I learned of my supposed 'termination' from Stone Temple Pilots this morning by reading about it in the press. Not sure how I can be 'terminated' from a band that I founded, fronted and co-wrote many of it's biggest hits, but that's something for the lawyers to figure out."

Interestingly enough, Weiland spoke about the current situation within the band merely a day before getting fired, saying that "no one's ever fired anybody in STP".

So what do you think about the whole situation now? Is he in a stage of denial or is he right to say the band can't fire him as a founding member? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    scott's like that one night stand you really, really regret hooking up with you know, the one who causes a scene and tells all your friends after? yeah, her
    They'd be better off without him, he's lost a step.
    then they should just downtune, James lost his step and metallica didn't fire him
    Yeah but James is still animal at what he does and writes next to all of Metallica's stuff. I would say that though as you can see by my avatar
    Carl Hungus
    Hetfield is permanent member of Metallica. They couldn't fire him even if they wanted to. Anyone who watched "Some Kind of Monster" would know that.
    link no1
    Firing any of James, Kirk and yes, even Lars, is like firing Metallica itself. They ARE that band and I'm sure if Cliff was still around all 4 of them would still be together.
    Kids, if there's something you can learn from Scott Weiland, it's to never do drugs.
    Yea hes lost a step so they should go out and hire one of the younger generations top prospects who wll show up complete with auto tune (since he wont be able to hit notes), and of couse a tape since he will insist on lip syncing(there's nothing wrong with doing that since EVERYBODY does it these days), and of course no practicle experience (paying your dues, experience, has been usurped by karioke and "competing" on an "idol" type tv show
    Vicryl 2.0
    they can get Myles Kennedy too... he shows up sober all the time.
    The only songs Myles Kennedy does worse than the Axl Rose songs are the Scott Weiland songs. No, thank you.
    HAH. Yeah right buddy. Myles Kennedy is a walking legend in the making, Axl Rose is a walking legend washed up and way past his expiry date.
    I think Weiland does too much cocaine ... and he is probably an idiot too, as he has been fired from all those bands.
    Thrice Capades
    As an author, if I thought that my book sales would be boosted by removing my name from the cover of the book...well...I'd probably take the hint that I suck at life. So...Scott...take the hint.
    i doubt the general public gives a crap about the technicalities of whether he's getting fired or the whole band is leaving him
    A founding member can be kicked out, and lets logically look at this, to boost sales they claim they broke up? surely that would damage sales. No they just claim to have kicked out a douche, and since he is adding extra words in such as "Broke up" he is obviously an idiot.
    You know Rock is dead when the news about rockbands consists only of lawyers, firing bandmembers and deciding who's the coolest guy in an uncool band. Not to mention Fall Out Boy claiming to rescue Rock & Roll...
    I find it ironic that grunge singers preached that grunge was about being against rockstar excesses, against being fame hungry and sticking to the corporate man, and here we are 20 or so years later with half of them dead through drug overdoses, leaving the skid marks like Weiland & Love to squabble over the rights to mediocre songs.
    a) there's no such thing as 'grunge' It's a make believe genre coined by stupid music journalists. b) the bands who are typically called 'grunge' did not, as a group, beieve any one set of things about any topic, let alone 'rockstar excess' being 'fame hungry' or 'sticking it to the corporate man.'
    a) Alright then "Alternative Rock from the early 90's". It's still the same group of bands. b)The general artistic direction employed by many of these bands was to do the opposite of 80's bands like Motley Crue, Kiss, Def Lepard and Bon Jovi and not sing about partying, girls, drink and drugs, and to instead concentrate on deeper emotional topics with an occasional political bent, whilst also employing a punk ethos to minimalist musicianship.
    I think Scott should start dealing with all the decisions he's made, past and present. He should man up and stop acting like such a **puts on shades** creep. B]
    Scott Weiland reminds me of 'that guy' at secondary school. The one who would always pretend to act all big and cool and like everyone liked him and make up all these stories about how he goes surfing every weekend with a load of 'outside' friends to look cool ... but it's all totally lies just to make himself seem 'cool' in front of everyone and is on complete denial of the truth that he's not wanted, and will make statements like this where he's all "na guys! They do like me! I'm still in the band!" ... or he's like that annoying ex who keeps saying it's not over...
    I actually got to see STP perform shortly after they got back together. The show was great, but then again, this was back in 2008 and who knows what shit has happened since then.
    He just seems like a hassle to deal with, I'm not a big STP fan, but I'm sure the big fans will be disappointed
    This makes me sad. I'm a huge STP fan and I feel that STP can't be without Scott Weiland. He is such an amazing singer and charismatic frontman. I really do hope they work it and get back to making eargasmic music.
    This already happened with "Talk Show" where they got a new lead singer and does anyone remember that group??? I believe it will all come around and they will record an album and tour again behind it... or they are just too old to put up with all the bullshit so they are done for good.
    cant he just call them and figure it out privately before talkin to the press?
    The band as a whole just aren't what they used to be, it's time for them to hang up their instruments and just admit that their time has passed, help out the young modern rock bands, be a lot more useful that way
    Are Stone Temple Pilots really that important? I don't think i ever heard a song from them...
    Which means your probally 13. Anyone born in the 90s, 80s have heard STP. For ****s sake Tripping on a Hole in a paper heart was on what? Guitar hero 2?
    you've probably heard plush if you played gta san andreas
    Or if he has ever been in a car, or anywhere else that had a radio on. I mean, I remember hearing that song all the time for ages before I knew who STP were. (I was born in '92 - the year it was released.) Unless he lives in a Third World country, it's impossible that he never heard one of their songs.
    Darth Wader
    Gorkyporky probably likes those bands that all have the same Bieber haircut and wear neon clothing
    He can't make the others like him, but that has nothing to do with the music or the band. The band is a business just like every other, and these bitches oughta try and figure out a way to talk to each other like men, or if you don't wanna talk punch, but being a bitch and 'firing' someone over the press is just ridiculous. Plus the REST of the band, not STP, couldn't play live any of the songs he co-wrote without paying him, not to mention the ones who hold rights towards the name of the band and all the legal stuff.
    "Well you think you'll be just fine, without me, but you're mine, how can you kick me out of what is mine?"
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    "Not sure how I can be 'terminated' from a band that I founded". Tell that to Syd Barrett.
    Army of Anyone tour, with no more than 2 STP songs in the setlist, and neither of those from the greatest hits album = $$$.