Scott Weiland Fired From Stone Temple Pilots?

Slash suggests singer's exit in new interview.

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If you've been following the press recently, you'll know that former Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland believes that the time is now right to bet back with his old band. Asked in an interview why this might be the case, Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash offered a new insight on the situation, claiming that Weiland has been fired from Stone Temple Pilots:

"That's because he got fired from STP... These things always catch me by surprise too - I always find out about it through the media and I'm on the road in another country. I start hearing all this stuff and then I inquire within, and that's what I was told."

Slash isn't in the market for a new singer at present. As he noted, he is more than happy with current collaborator Myles Kennedy, the Alter Bridge singer who is currently fronting Slash's solo band:

"I don't compare anybody, but we have a lot of similarities because we're both guitar players. On top of that he's a brilliant singer. His personality is very laid back and he's a very hard worker. He just never ceases to amaze me."

Would you want to see Weiland return to VR? If not, who would you suggest as his replacement? Let us know in the comments.

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    Crack is one hell of a drug...
    A lot of drugs are one hell of a drug. I watched a documentary of Scott and learned he got hooked on heroin and crack.
    Nothin' like a good ol' speedball
    Wait what? he's been fired? Since when?
    It hasn't been said officially from Scot or the rest of STP, so we don't know for sure. Slash said it's probably why he wants to get VR back. It could be true, but at the same time, it might not be.
    Weiland wants to move on from his "Greatest Hits" tour he always does with STP. The man has been signing "Crackerman" for 20 years now. With VR it is all new stuff and he probably made more money with them too.
    Scott shouldn't be replaced in Stone Temple Pilots.
    I doubt that he will be, they never tried to replace him when he has left before. That being said, I thought that last STP album sucked terribly, and I even love STP. Scott didn't even write the songs with them, or record with them. They emailed him all the instrumental parts, and he wrote and recorded the vocals on top. LAME
    Yeah, seeing as how that happened for the last record, I think I'd actually take a replacement over a new album with Scott. The self-titled album was the epitome of uninspired.
    Scott should NEVER be replaced. No one can, especially that joke myles kennedy.
    Well, listen to the albums Talk Show and Army of Anyone, two bands formed by the DeLeo brothers (and the former with Eric Kretz on drums, as well) that sound almost exactly like STP, just with someone else singing. It makes it easier for me to swallow if they were to just outright replace him.
    "Scott Weiland believes that the time is now right to bet back with his old band." Proofreading is a valuable skill...
    I think Scott is best for STP.... but by the sounds of things he needs to get his act together a bit
    I feel like Velvet is to Guns and STP what Audioslave was to Rage and Soundgarden. It's fantastic and everything, but kinda typical rock sounding as opposed to their former bands whom were amazing and original to an extent.
    well, auntie porn must be popular these days btw 18526 (what, no cents? divided by 65 is 285 hours (per month), which is over 71 hour per week. that is over 14 hours per weekday.
    Weiland!!!! Doing drugs, getting fired, finding the next band to latch on to for awhile until getting kicked out: my kind of rock star.
    STP played here in Vancouver several months ago. Scott looked lethargic and uninterested, they were LATE and the show was half-assed. It even looked like he was lip syncing some of the songs. He got fired from STP and I don't want to see him singing for VR. They need a new singer, one that will keep everyone interested. The 2nd VR album was a bit of a let down.
    Agree up to the point where you said Libertad was a let down. I enjoyed it, and I enjoy STP. But slash did kind of carry weiland. And Duff was... Duff.
    An april fools joke for over 4 years in the making... please God let it be over soon.
    VR is dead, although I liked thier 2nd album quite a bit
    Scott Weiland has been fired fron STP again....getting on to other news....there will be weather today.....
    I heard that Ian Thornley from Big Wreck was offered the part for Velvet Revolver but turned it down because they didn't want him to play guitar and sing.
    while I acknowledge his ability to sing, the man doesn't deserve a job. he has clearly demonstrated an INability to function in a band anymore.
    quickly skimming through, i read: "His personality is very laid back and he's a very hard worker." ...Then i see Slash speaking of Myles Kennedy and i say "OOOoooohhh, that makes a bit more sense..."
    doesnt seem like the easiest guy to work with, i love his voice tho. would be good to get VR back, seen STP twice since they got back together and i love their stuff but for new releases theyre past their prime. Slash should eventually get bored with his solo stuff cause half of what he plays live is old GnR... that being said hearing SLASH play old GnR at rock the park in London was fkn awesome!!
    Slash's current solo band is so much better than VR
    not really. most of slash's bands are on the same level. GnR and VR sound alot a like, a Slash's solo band sounds like both of the abve stated. Slash's snakepit is the only one that doesn't fit. Cause it isn't rock, it's blues
    VR should stay split. Slash is doing a hell of a job with Myles. A guy like Myles is what a player like Slash needs. This is some of his best stuff since G'nR
    Maynard James Keenan should be his replacement in VR. Slash style riffs with lyrics that actually mean something, I'm all in.
    Maynard is way too creative for this band...and im not even putting STP down but really.
    I always loved "Superhuman" I think it's called, when Weiland just screams "COCAINE ALCOHOL".....just wholesome family fun
    Danjo's Guitar
    What is this article saying? The time is right to get back with STP? Or Velvet Revolver? "His old band" would imply STP, but if he was fired, how does that make it a good time for them to get back together?
    I think that what Slash said was taken out of context as a joke about Scott wanting to start up VR again. I heard the interview and his sources aren't at all confirmed and there is no STP statement. Personally it would be shocking to see Scott "fired" because why would STP at this point want a new singer? He's clean, somewhat happy, etc. etc. I mean even the Beatles wrote a sub-par album at the end of the day..But they came back with Abbey Road. Who's to say STP wont wont make a comeback? Again... Don't believe everything you read.