Scott Weiland Not Working On Solo Album Anymore

Record reportedly on halt for past nine months.

Ultimate Guitar

Former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland has reportedly abandoned work on his third solo record and currently has no musical plans for 2014.

As Alternative Nation reports, Scott hasn't worked on the album for the past nine months and likely won't return to the project at all. Therefore, the vocalist's future plans in the music domain only include an STP greatest hits tour this fall. Scott did however get to premiere two fresh tracks on the latest tour, titled "Beach Bop Rock" and "Circles."

The original STP is also on somewhat of a break as new singer Chester Bennington had to focus on Linkin Park and the band's new studio release, causing the cancelation of upcoming Australian tour dates.

Weiland and his former bandmates are still involved in a multimillion dollar lawsuit regarding the rights to STP moniker.

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    I really feel sorry for him. He is/was a great singer but his problems are hindering him. Hope he gets himself sorted out.
    Jacques Nel
    This guy is just all over the place. He was a good singer, but even I feel like the rest of the original STP now, just tired of his nonsense.
    I think the guy needs to get his life straightened out before he starts making any more records. It sucks because he's such a talent.
    Heroin is a hell of a drug...
    You can all downvote this if you want, but it honestly is the first thing that comes to mind
    I thought that too. He can say he's clean all that he wants, but behind the scenes he could very well be chasing the dragon. Whatever the case, he needs to stop being a bellend and get his act together.
    I find it amazing that there's a "multimillion dollar lawsuit regarding the rights to STP moniker" and that Scott Weiland is considered even remotely newsworthy outside of VR.
    Did I read that right STP is going back on the road with this guy? I'm no Bennington fan but to go out with Scott is crazy man crazy! Why not another Army of Anyone album or Talk Show, or the DeLeo's LIVE! Anything but a golden oldies show with no passion.
    No, you did not read that right (though it's not exactly written clearly). I believe Weiland was going to do his own "STP's Greatest Hits" tour.
    Jacques Nel
    Made that same mistake on my initial read. The tour will most probably be cut short though.
    He is so high that he probably forgot that he has been working on a new album. what a waste...
    After reading the article, I got the bad feeling that sometime along this year, we'll have news of a dead, overdosed Weiland.
    I just don't know what causes him to have so many behavior problems. Either way he probably has more than enough money for therapy, so he should just pull himself together, get help, and get back on track.