Scott Weiland Reveals His Solo Tour Expanded

Former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman will do seven shows more.

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Scott Weiland has extended his solo tour. The singer has announced a series of 7 shows on the west coast, starting May 29 at the House of Blues in Hollywood.Tickets for the new dates go sale this Friday, April 12.The "Purple at the Core Tour" sees Weiland performing songs from the first two Stone Temple Pilots albums, 1992's "Core" and 1994's "Purple."Scott says he is working on a new solo album with his touring band, The Wildabouts.In late February, Stone Temple Pilots announced the "termination" of Weiland from the band; the singer immediately challenged that move, calling it "something for the lawyers to figure out."See the additional Weiland's tour dates on the image below.

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    Since he can't get kicked out of his own band, maybe his band members will just quit on him.
    Mr Brownst0ne
    the drummer left yesterday. this is actually happening.
    Still waiting for the "Scott Weiland forms a second Stone Temple Pilots" article.
    Billy Pumpkin shamelessly replaced his whole line up and kept the same band name, so its not without precedent
    Billy Pumpkin? First of all, Corgan _is_ Smashing Pumpkins. He always wrote the songs, and even recorded most of the instruments that you hear on those classic albums. Not to discount their contribution, but those other members you're considering integral were essentially a live band. As ridiculous as I thought it was to 'reform' a band that doesn't want to reunite, your statement only speaks to your ignorance. Second, Salvo was clearly referencing the Queensryche split. Why you would even bring up Smashing Pumpkins is bizarre.