Scott Weiland Thinks Wildabouts are More Talented Than STP

Meanwhile, the singer shows up hour late for New York gig, reportedly gives a weak performance.

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Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland reportedly named his current band the Wildabouts as the most talented group of musicians he's ever shared the stage with, putting the gang above his ex-band.

According to Below Empty report (via Alternative Nation), during the entire recent New York concert, "Scott made a few digs at the guys from STP by saying that the Wildabouts are the best band he's ever played with. He also said they are the most talented."

Same source indicates that the frontman told the crowd several times how it's rather difficult to find good friends in life, stressing he is lucky to be with The Wildabouts.

Speaking of Weiland's New York performance, the singer was in fact a whole hour late for his August 11 show in Huntington, Long Island. Not only that, but the concert was reportedly a flop, as the Examiner reporter described the Scott's singing as nothing short of horrid.

"Scott Weiland took the stage almost an hour late and he gave a lackluster performance throughout the evening," the report reads. "Most of his vocals were off-key, pitchy and horrid. Scott seemed to be doing his own little show, thus losing complete touch with reality. The majority of his fans left half-way through his set."

The reporter even went far enough to call the opening acts far more talented and enjoyable to watch or hear, giving the concert an overall negative review.

Weiland is currently busy with his Purple to the Core tour, as the remaining set of live dates will keep him out on the US road until the end of August.

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    Funny how he trashes STP yet names his tour the "Purple to the Core tour".
    * Scott Weiland reportedly named his current band the Wildabouts as the most talented group of musicians he's ever shared the stage with * the singer was in fact a whole hour late for the show. Not only that, but the concert was reportedly a flop That's a funny way of showing appreciation for your bandmates and fans.
    I don't know who the members of the Wildabouts are, but they must be pretty damn good if they are "More talented" than Slash, Duff, and the Brothers Deleo!
    He may be sincere when he says they're the most talented people he's performed with, but does he expect anyone to see it as anything other than a passive-aggressive, grudge-fuelled dig at a bunch of guys who just want to move on and forget about him? I dunno, I don't care about either band personally but this guy seems like a swine...
    Is it really considered a put-down if he compliments his current band? Artists do that all the time. They're taking pride in their current venture, though that doesn't mean Weiland's not a douche.
    Agreed. He's still a douche, but come on. What's he going to say? "The band I'm in right now is nowhere near as good as the ones I was in before"? He's just speaking positively about his current project. Usually Scott irritates the hell out of me, but I don't see a problem here. You know, except for showing up an hour late and giving an awful performance.
    You cannot read this article and then think positively about Scott Weiland. I don't think UG needs such a tone in their articles.
    Tell me how they could have put a positive spin on this. "Oh, ya know... He made a jab at the guys who put up with him for decades, then completely let down his fans and new band... But... Uh... He saved a kitten from a tree? No, never mind, that was someone else. Scott was off getting drunk."
    Well by not including a review on his show for instance? Keep reviews in the review section, I'd say. News can and should be objective.
    I just hope this motivates him to make some solid new music. I watched a few youtube videos and the improv jam they did before vasoline definitely sounded like it had some potential. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes though. Like someone else has already said, to say this band is more talented than anyone else he worked with is a bold statement. Would like to see the guitarist try to out solo Slash!!