Scott Weiland Vs. Axl Rose

The Velvet Revolver frontman has apparently decided to get into the public brawl where Axl and Slash are fighting over the Guns N' Roses legacy.

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Responding to a press release recently issued by Axl Rose's attorney in which Axl made several accusations and characterizations of ex-Guns N' Roses members, Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland has apparently decided to get into the public brawl that extends from the court where Axl and Slash are fighting over the Guns N' Roses legacy, and it seems, has issued this open letter at, according to

"Get in the rinGo to the gym motherf--ker, or if you prefer, get a new wig motherf--ker. I think I'll resist the urge to stoop to your level.

Oh shit, here it comes, you fat, botox faced, wig wearin' f--k! O.K. I feel better now. Don't think for a second we don't know where those words came from. Your unoriginal, uncreative little mind, the same mind that had to rely on its bandmates to write melodies and lyrics. Who's the fraud now bitch?

Damn, I couldn't imagine people writing for me. How many albums have you put out man and how long did it take the current configuration of this so-called band to make this album? How long? And without the only guys that validated the name. How dare you! Shame on you! How dare you call our bass player spineless.

We toured our album over a year and a half. How many shows have you played over the last ten years? Oh, that's right - you bailed out on your long awaited comeback tour, leaving your remaining fans feeling shall we say a trifle miffed?! I won't even list what I've accomplished because I don't need to.

What we're talking about here is a frightened little man who once thought he was king, but unfortunately this king without his court is nothing but a memory of the asshole he once was.

Yours truly,

Scott Weiland"

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    hahahaha... i cant stand either bands, but this is brillaint, well done scott, although if i were axl id tell you to stop trying to be sid vicious.
    Alrite all that i tthink neone needs too know is that Scott is a good singer and not too bad a guy, Axl is an incredible singer, but a douche, and of course none of above would matter if Slash didn't own the world.
    JackWhite1988 wrote: Scott Weiland is a toolbox...he doesn't make himself look any better with that pathetic attempt to put down Axl. Granted Axl is an idiot, but he was just as responsible for Guns & Roses success as the other guys were.
    I agree with you on both points but I think Axl is still the root cause of all this shit.
    wow..i liked axl but i gotta say he has bad taste in band mates i mean come the **** on the lead guitarist only has sideburns
    scott might be right but he shouldnt be talking, hes proly the biggest stoner in all of these bands
    i just lost a whole lot of respect for scott weiland axl is much better than you you idiot! i hate scott now the only reason people really know who he is is because of slash and duff he also has no room to call axl "little" scott prolly weighs like 90 lbs. from all that cocaine so just die scott!
    Hrmm, and how many songs on Contraband were actually good? About.. 3? Chinese democracy is atleast going to sound origional/interesting... not a cd of filler tracks...
    I like both so I'm not gonna say anyone's right or wrong, but it pisses me off how Scott refers to Duff as "our bassist", like he's their property or something
    -Led-Zeppelin- wrote: dude Axl is much better of a vocalist. you go find scott and ask him to sing knocking on heavens dorr or november rain without his voice cracking.....not many people can do that.....i bet Robert Plant could though. You have to look at both sides to realize whats going on... joshsirjoshules... you probly like VR much better then guns n roses so by default you like their vocalist better. but try this. listen to slither or w/e and then listen to november rain.....then tell me what you think.
    no man... axl may be able to get higher (waaaaay up there)... but he just sounds like he got kicked in the balls 50 times (he is still a good singer, i couldnt do it if i had to)... dont get me wrong GnR was good stuff back in the day... but Scott has an overall more powerful voice... listen to Down, Dead and Bloated and that part in Wicked Garden where he holds "alive" for forever...youll see anyway... he is right, regardless of who sings better... axl has been a big dissapointment in not being able to crank out music for his fans, which seems to be becuase he doesnt have help writing from slash duff izz and dizz, axl can sing, but apparently cant write a song very well... while Scott has only been out of it for a couple of years until he got himself clean and joined up with Slash and the boys and immediatley put out a good album hopefully all these guys can just put it ALL behind them, its been a looooong time, just bury the hatchet and forget about it, they are all very talented musicians and dont need to distract themselves with this crap drama
    Axl Rose is the best singer and his lyrics mean something scott isnt any good the only reason people listen to his music because he has the guns n roses band playing for him he really sucks. Axl is the real legend he makes real music any agianst me well get in the ring. GUNS N ROSES FOR EVER !!!!
    duff is a human not an object and axle called him spineless because he ditched him but axl doesnt really mean it
    you know what? i liked it better when Scott was in STP and Axl was in GnR, but hey, ya gotta leave room for change. i think they should both quit acting like a bunch of 11 year old girls and grow up and start acting their age, i mean jesus christ!
    Wtf is scott talking about, hes a fooking hippie I don't like what axl has become but if there was a fight i would bet on axl all the way..
    thanks jiggy or w/e your name on to this subject lol....
    chillie pepper wrote: Although I have a MUCH bigger respect 4 GnR, Weiland has made a damn good description of Axl and the new Guns n Roses.
    What does Weiland have on the new GnR....NOTHING....Robin is a great guitarist and the new lineup is good....but the new guns n roses and the old ones are totally different music.....the new stuff is more blue-isish and the old stuff is pure rock... dont compare the new and the old. Like i said before.. i think Axl should change the name of the band because they dont sound the would be like all the gay guys in the backstreet boys leaving ( all of them) and bringing in new guys and thm playing marilyn manson would be better but not the same band that we have all grown to hate.
    A GnR reunion would be amazing.....not only would all this bullshit be solved but scott would be left without a lead guitarist and bassist.....leaving only him and his stoner buddys
    firstly yes this new look guns isnt really guns with only one of the line we all used to adore, but on the other hand if u have heard eny of the new tracks which hopefully will be released soon, under the guns name they r superb. I think they should just leave each other alone and let axl get on with what hes doing. Also in an old article it said that it was slah who called duff spineless. Not taking sides here but i really want to this new album but this version of GNR
    wonder wot axl will say 2 that? he'd better have made the best album ever 2 justify how long its tuk he's a p*** taker 4 sure1
    minimanson wrote: hahahaha... i cant stand either bands, but this is brillaint, well done scott, although if i were axl id tell you to stop trying to be sid vicious.
    I don't understand how Scott Weiland is trying to be sid vicious. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that not only does Mr. Weiland have a slight shred of talent, but he has also never killed his girlfriend, been arrested, and then OD'd upon his release.
    Tried to delete as much spam as I could Warnings given to a few members, keep your threats to yourselves, and guys...take your discussions to the forums...dont spam up the news comments.
    Severe headache ensuing.. I thought the article was stupid. before I looked at the comments. Hopefully one day you will all be so decrepit and musically inept yet power-hungry as well that you also feel the need to battle over a throne that isn't even yours to take. These two egocentric pricks could care less about you or anything other than their so-called kingly reputations they are willing to throw hissy fits to ensure their crown is preserved. Why should you as fans respect either of them when neither has ever respected you.
    i think both Axl and Scott should let Slash decide if he want to go back to GNR.
    i think scott should SHUT UP I hate him, he destroyed STP and hes a skank that need some clothes, and makeup remover. Im going to start a foundation, the "Make Scott Weiland Go Away Foundation" which will strickly accept money from those who obvioulsy think he should just GO AWAY, and when the appropriate amount of money is raise, i will give it to him and say "here is your money, now GO AWAY forever"
    Scott Weiland is a toolbox...he doesn't make himself look any better with that pathetic attempt to put down Axl. Granted Axl is an idiot, but he was just as responsible for Guns & Roses success as the other guys were.
    exactly, scott weiland PWNS... and he's 100% right... the reason chinese democracy is taking so long is because SLASH DUFF AND MATT AINT WRITING MUSIC FOR HIM ANYMORE
    Subliminal_Daze wrote: Yeah....Scott has a way of riding other peoples' success stories as well. Although he was right about Axl in some spots, he has no room to talk, first riding STP to the top, then jumping over and letting Slash carry the new band to iconic status. Someone should bitchslap them both and remind them that music is a united scene and a united effort, then put the little babies in time out, and maybe each would grow a little as a person and a musician. There's no doubt of their talent, but their maturity is lacking.
    thank you for sayin that dude its so right axl sings better scott sings crappy but any band with slash is gonna rock no matter what but bucket head isnt helpin the gay ass numetal raprock s*** axls doin
    bottom line 80's metal was retarded, guns n roses suck and so does velvet revolver thank god for metallica anthrax and megadeth other wise all the metal of the 80's would have sucked
    Wow... Scott Weiland is a little bitch. Seriously, music has deteriorated into petty feuds and arguments between artists. Just make your music and shut the **** up.
    that was mean, i love em both but the drama is getting really over the top. who really gives?