Scott Weiland Wanted to Sing in Alice in Chains, Jerry Cantrell Explains

Meanwhile, Cantrell wants to work with Chris Cornell.

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Alice in Chains mastermind Jerry Cantrell recently shared an interesting info that former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland was once interested in fronting the band.

Chatting with Mohr Stories (via Alternative Nation), the guitarist didn't want to reveal at which point was Weiland interested in joining the AiC fold, but did confirm the vocalist's definite interest.

"I got a call from Weiland [laughs]. There was a discussion from his end I think about [singing for Alice in Chains]," Jerry said.

During the rest of the chat, Cantrell pointed out that it only took one audition for William DuVall to get the gig. Weiland was one of the numerous guest AiC vocalists during their first few comeback years back in mid 2000's. Check out his 2007 performance of "Angry Chair" below.

In related news, Cantrell has shown interest to collaborate with Soundgarden's Chris Cornell. According to the same source, the guitarist is interested in hitting the studio with Chris for the first time since "Right Turn" track off 1992's "Sap." Whether or not the collaboration will take place yet remains to be seen.

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But back to Weiland, do you think Scott would make a better AiC singer than DuVall? Let us know in the comments.

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    I think Scott would sound great in Alice in Chains, but they already had one junkie. I think they deserve a more mentally stable frontman, and William's killing it with Alice. I love the new album.
    holy grunge crossover. STP singer wants to work with AiC band, AiC guitarist wants to work with Soundgarden singer. Throw some Dave Grohl in there and you've got some grungy soup.
    Cantrell and Cornell.... FAP if only Cornell could still sing like the early 90s. he still sounds pretty freakin good now but not as godly as he did back then.
    I'd love to hear Chris perform with Alice in Chains, that would be beyond amazing. I think many wonderful things would come out of it, if that happened
    Scott is an awesome singer, and would have done good in Alice, but they definitely made a good choice with Dvall. If anything, for the sheer humility he shows and respect towards the rest of the band. I have a vague idea that Weiland would have tred to steal the show. Layne's memory, and Jerry's consistent involvement, lives on with the new singer, imo.
    As interesting as this would be, I really think they made the right choice going with William DuVall. His material in AiC and even beforehand with bands such as 'Comes with the Fall' shows this - although I can't help but wish with AiC that he was a tad higher in the mix, vocally speaking. Cantrell has a great voice, but I feel he should focus more on his guitar and only provide backing vocals and harmonies.
    Scott would sound great in AIC, but it wouldnt be a good idea to hire him, hes caused way too much trouble in the past.
    I know it would have ended in disaster, but I was thinking the other day that Weiland would have been a perfect fit.
    When Stone Temple Pilots first came out weren't people saying Weiland was ripping of Layne Staley and Eddie Vedder?? Interesting. It would've been an interesting listen as Weiland has a more similar vocal style to Layne than William Duvall. Although Duvall does his own spin which is nice. As to Jerry Cantrell and Chris Cornell working together. That has awesome written all over it.
    I like Alice In Chains a lot , but I still think that without Layne band should have been renamed to "Jerry In Chains" or something.
    Jerry would only change the name to that if he was a bellend. The band was never called "Layne In Chains", was it?
    I felt the same when they first announced the comeback, but honestly, William is killing it so much, and the AIC sound and spirit is still so alive in the music, that I'm glad they kept the name.
    Saw them last month, the vocal harmonies between Cantrell and Duvall live, are as good as he and Layne
    I agree, When Layne died the band should have changed its name. After a Front Man of any band leaves or passes away and the band goes on with a Replica Singer, It just reminds me of beating a dead horse. Not saying that they should stop playing music or the songs that they played, But why try to pass it off as the same thing? So I totally agree with you.
    I respect William and Weiland… but I HATE other people singing Layne's songs. It never works.
    I was under the impression they were Jerry's songs. Does he not write the majority of the music AND lyrics?
    On the first record, Cantrell wrote pretty much everything; Dirt was about 50/50 in terms of lyrics, with Staley writing the music for a couple of tracks. The s/t album's lyrics were written mostly by Layne.
    i feel the same way for the most part but i still think Phil Anselmo doing Would? was absolutely great
    I have been praying for my 2 favorite musicians (Cornell and Cantrell) to do a project together ever since Layne passed. I think those two would be the Uber-band everyone has hoped for all these years - just a new band though, totally separate from AIC or SG. Harmonizing their lyrics, could be as freakin' sweet as AIC has always been (including William), or as an enhancement to something like "4th of July" !!!