Scott Weiland Wants to Reunite With Velvet Revolver 'To Make Easy Money'

"I even called the guys to propose the idea," the singer says.

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There might be a Velvet Revolver comeback on the horizon, as vocalist Scott Weiland has contacted the band to propose the idea, all for the sake of "making easy money."

Chatting with LaPresse, Scott noted that with Velvet Revolver, "there is no problem. I even called the guys to propose the idea of doing some shows together in a few months."

Further explaining the reunion details, the singer added, "We are on good terms, but I do not want to be a member of Velvet Revolver full time. If possible, I would like to only play at festivals. You know, to make easy money..."

Adding that other former members of the band are either busy or don't need the money as much as he does, Weiland continued (via Alternative Nation), "Dave [Kushner, guitarist] made ​​music for TV. He made ​​the theme of the series 'Sons of Anarchy.'

"Duff [McKagan] has a lot of money in the stock market. As for Slash, he put aside the money he did in the days of Guns N' Roses. Finally, Matt [Sorum] has embarked on a package of stuff," he said.

In related news, drummer Matt Sorum said that if the Velvet Revolver reunion is to happen, it needs to unfold "organically," with no pressure whatsoever. "It's gotta organically happen," he kicked off during a chat. "Something's gotta just pop, that's the kind of band we've always been."

Explaining how the band's first two albums came very naturally, at the "right time and place," the drummer concluded, "With Duff and Slash, nothing's ever been too forced." So the idea's definitely out there, stay tuned for more updates.

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    Well cocaine ain't cheap!
    Pretty sure he's a heroin junkie...
    "In a 2005 interview with Esquire, Weiland stated that while performing in his first bands as a teenager, his drinking "escalated" and he began using cocaine for the first time, which he referred to as a "sexual" experience""In 1995, Weiland was caught and convicted of buying crack cocaine""Weiland also admitted that he went through "a very short binge with coke" in late 2007" Pretty sure he's not just doing heroin.
    Least he's being honest. But let's face it they haven't had an offical replacement at all for six years. Sure Myles Kennedy plays some Velvet Revlolver tunes in Slash's solo band but that's different. They might as well go for it. Everyone else in the band is doing something else anyway so doing festivals and the odd small tour seems to make sense for everybody honestly.
    Replace the word 'easy' with the word 'drug' and I think we've got the right sentence
    I hate the term "organic" when used in a musical context. Sounds so stupid.
    Being a huge VR fan, I'd say go for it, however the whole "easy money" thing leads me to believe that his heart is not in the right place.
    I love VR as well (shockingly, both albums), but it's never been far away from my mind that the band is just a shameless cash-grab. A great sounding one, but a cash-grab nonetheless. Just my opinion.
    This dude is the biggest flake ever. He'll say and do anything if he thinks it'll benefit him.
    Irwin Navarro
    Realistically speaking, if ever VR's gonna reunite I think it would be on Slash's terms and not from Scott Weiland. Also, to be honest, I don't think the remaining VR members would be interested in doing a few shows with Weiland, considering he was fired because of his behavior. VR has other options. They can let Duff handle the vocals (and maybe even hire a touring bassist such as Todd Kerns if ever singing and playing bass becomes a hassle for Duff) or they can get Izzy Stradlin to be their new vox.
    Or have Todd Kerns sing. I'm gonna keep pushing this until they see the light.
    Do you really like his voice that much? I mean, it works for harmonies, but I find him extremely bland on the songs he fronts live.
    I wouldn't say it's "bland" for say. The man can ****ing sing. But I would definitely say that his voice doesn't really fit with Velvet Revolver's previously released music. Like at all.
    King Bluesy
    Already did a reunion with him for a couple songs. I'm sure they could do a few shows here and there it'd be more than what they are getting out of it right now
    Sleaze Disease
    Getting Izzy to do it would be incredible, but I wouldn't hold my breath on it. Last I heard,he's really hard to get ahold of.
    I hope Slash and VR hire Chester Bennington as the new front man. It would be a nice way to say good riddance to that overrated 1 trick pony coke fiend whos squandered all his money.
    Five minutes before he was talking about the same thing to the DeLeo brothers and they surely laughed at him for 30 minutes and told him to go **** himself.
    Ya Scott! While all the other guy's are doing great financially and creatively your looking for your next fix.