Scott Weiland Was Toxic, Says STP Bassist

artist: Stone Temple Pilots date: 07/19/2013 category: music news
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Scott Weiland Was Toxic, Says STP Bassist
Even though well over four months have passed since Scott Weiland's being fired from Stone Temple Pilots, the STP drama is still a very current story, with active lawsuits launched from both sides yet to determine each of the legal aspects. Bassist Robert DeLeo and his brother Dean recently gave a detailed explanation of the entire situation, naming "quality of life" as what matters the most to the group. Dean also admitted that he "would've loved for the Weiland lineup to have gone on forever," but stressed that such turn of events is simply impossible. "I think you get to a point in your life where your BS meter starts running down to a certain kind of tolerance," the bassist told Banana1015. "It wasn't just a musical decision or a business decision it was a quality of live decision and that really what it's about. That's where we wanted to be. DeLeo then focused on the band's new singer, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, saying, "Chester is a person that's really surrounded by good fortune and that's something you want to be around. It's no longer three guys in a room, trying to make a record or trying to get a tour together it's four guys in a room." There's other benefits to getting a young singer, explains Dean: "You have to lower the key of things for a singer as we all move on in age ... There's only so many keys that you can lower the instruments to before you're playing saltwater taffy. So it's just about performing those songs the way they were recorded. That's really what we're looking forward to doing [with Chester]." The guitarist chipped in, "It's like what Robert said, man. It's more about quality of life. You know, I'm gonna say something that's not slighting Chester in any way, but I would've loved for [the Scott Weiland] lineup to have gone on forever [or] until we were taken out by our elbows and heels, but it just ... we did not dictate where we're at now. By any means." STP are currently working on new music with Bennington, with whom they will also embark on a US tour during September.
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