Scott Weiland Was Toxic, Says STP Bassist

"I would've loved for the Weiland lineup to have gone on forever," added guitarist Dean DeLeo.

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Even though well over four months have passed since Scott Weiland's being fired from Stone Temple Pilots, the STP drama is still a very current story, with active lawsuits launched from both sides yet to determine each of the legal aspects.

Bassist Robert DeLeo and his brother Dean recently gave a detailed explanation of the entire situation, naming "quality of life" as what matters the most to the group. Dean also admitted that he "would've loved for the Weiland lineup to have gone on forever," but stressed that such turn of events is simply impossible.

"I think you get to a point in your life where your BS meter starts running down to a certain kind of tolerance," the bassist told Banana1015. "It wasn't just a musical decision or a business decision it was a quality of live decision and that really what it's about. That's where we wanted to be.

DeLeo then focused on the band's new singer, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, saying, "Chester is a person that's really surrounded by good fortune and that's something you want to be around. It's no longer three guys in a room, trying to make a record or trying to get a tour together it's four guys in a room."

There's other benefits to getting a young singer, explains Dean:

"You have to lower the key of things for a singer as we all move on in age ... There's only so many keys that you can lower the instruments to before you're playing saltwater taffy. So it's just about performing those songs the way they were recorded. That's really what we're looking forward to doing [with Chester]."

The guitarist chipped in, "It's like what Robert said, man. It's more about quality of life. You know, I'm gonna say something that's not slighting Chester in any way, but I would've loved for [the Scott Weiland] lineup to have gone on forever [or] until we were taken out by our elbows and heels, but it just ... we did not dictate where we're at now. By any means."

STP are currently working on new music with Bennington, with whom they will also embark on a US tour during September.

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    You know they are telling the truth when the Velvet Revolver crew says the same thing about not having Scott Weiland rejoin them.
    It's refreshing to see that the band isn't taking cheap shots or acting bitter about their history with Scott. They're just moving on and letting the courts decide who's in the wrong. Way to stay classy, STP.
    "It wasn't just a musical decision or a business decision it was a quality of live decision..." Not sure if he means STP sound better live or just another UG typo.
    Their studio work with Scott Weiland is stellar, but when they go live, he just can't pull it together.
    I'm hoping he didn't fall off the bandwagon, and hit whatever he was on before. He's always been one of my favorite vocalists. Chester, from Linkin Park? Really? W.T.F.??? Even though my taste is different, in the likes that I don't really much like, Linkin Park's style. I see it maybe peaking from the curiosity of the band's arrival with the new singer, but spiraling quick. Still hope the best for them, but, guarantee their will be a STP full lineup reunion in a few years.
    If you think that Chester isn't suitable for STP style, try to listen the songs from his solo project named "Dead by Sunrise". He was always a rock singer. He's really good. Oh... and look on youtube for Chester's performance of "Paradise City" with Slash and Duff McKagan. He's a god of rock singing.
    I hate Linkin Park, but even I can admit that his vocal style sounds really good with STP. I was every bit as skeptical as you were, too.
    I'm probably dead wrong, but see it happening. Whatever aspects they create, they chose him from what they thought suitable. well, I hope the best for them.
    Whoa, I didn't even notice the "V", I read it as "quality of life" as in not trying to tour or write music with a person like Weiland. I love STP, including Scott. I sincerely hope that this won't cause Scott to go off the deep end. Us addicts like to pretend we are OK, and in control of our situations, and not hurting; but, more often than not, the "Tapes" inside an addict's head are telling him, "You messed up again, you're a ***k up, you might as well get loaded, you're a loser". We call it the "Shitty Committee". If you ever were an addict you know that what I'm saying is true.I hope the best for all involved here, and I hope Scott will pull through. He's very talented.
    Saw the boys in concert a couple of years back after their 8yr break and it was as if they hadn't missed a day. They were as tight a band as I've seen. And Scott was brilliant. Heard the new song on the radio and my immediate reaction was "meh". This CD won't be in my collection. Personally, I worry about Scott and his demons. How many great musicians have we lost (Andy Wood and Layne Stayley come to mind) to substance abuse when they were crying for help thru their behavior and their music until its too late? I pray that Scott can get it together and prove once again how talented he is.