Scott Weiland's Drummer Quits

Danny Thompson says "it's a matter of self-worth" and won't say any more - why is Scott Weiland having such an unlucky year?

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Scott Weiland's plans to expand his current solo tour could be scuppered now his drummer Danny Thompson has quit.

Thompson won't elaborate on why he left the touring band this week, but strongly suggests he's not happy with being in the lineup:

"I have just officially QUIT the Scott Weiland solo band. Loved playing with the guys for seven years but it's a matter of self-worth. Not going to elaborate."

When a fan asked him to tell more about what happened, Thompson simply replied "the Darkness," according to Blabbermouth. It's the latest in a string of bad news for Weiland, the singer who was fired from Stone Temple Pilots in February. Weiland denied that he was really out of the band and insisted it was all a publicity trick to boost ticket sales - but then went on to book himself a solo tour and start recording a third solo album.

During his current solo tour, an incident took place where Weiland invited a fan to an on-stage fight, asking the onlooker to "come up and meet me one on one."

The next tour dates listed on Weiland's website start from May 29, so he'll probably have enough time to find a replacement drummer with a little luck.

Why has Scott Weiland had such a rough year? Is he just unlucky? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    STP should just put up with his bullshit. Neither Weiland nor the rest of the band, separated, are even a fraction of what they are together.
    I do agree, but have to say Army of Anyone was a brilliant project for the Deleo bros.
    I feel bad for Scott. With people like him, who no one can stand to work with, chances are they need help at a really deep level. Seriously talented guy, but I hope he gets to where he needs to be in order to be in a stable band.
    Drugs are for idiots. I have been a professional musician since 1987 and I have seen so many incredible musicians waste away from drugs and that is what this guys problem is. Its a shame these guys with so much talent cant live their lives happy.
    You're wrong. Nothing is inherently good or evil; how is it used is what defines it. Anything [alcohol, cannabis, cocaine] can be enjoyed in moderation. What is evil is prohibition; people are unable to get pure drugs so rather pay money into the hands of criminals who cut their supplies with fibreglass, brickdust, soap etc. I know this comment is not related to music directly (and would like to stress I'm not a hard drug user or addict in any way shape or form) but as a citizen with a bit of foresight I couldn't dismiss your comment. Do you think we would have Rock music without drugs, anyway? Besides, 'Drugs are for idiots' is a dumb line anyway; think about it the next time you pop an aspirin.
    It can be argued that a small amount of alcohol is actually good for you. But there is not a therapeutic dose of Heroin, Cocaine or Meth. Pot is a drug, but probably not as harmful to society as alcohol...except that most states still lock people up because of it. I am not going to comment on legalization of harder drugs, I just wanted to disagree with your "In moderation" theory for all drugs. For an addict like myself or like Weiland, there is no "Moderation". That is why they call us addicts.
    I already see it in a few weeks "Scott Weiland fired himself from his band" :
    ...and then claimed it was just a publicity stunt, and he hadn't actually fired himself...
    I heard recently that the Darkness are looking for a drummer while their current one recovers from illness
    I do not know. Is Scott taking drugs and that turns him into whatever he is these days or is he not taking drugs and is that to blame? well, he should start doing the opposite of what he is doing because clearly it's not working. Scott is one of my most favorite vocalists ever. Saw him in concert with STP, VR loved both. I do not want to see any tragic ending to this. Scott get your sh1t together!
    Just saw his "Purple at the Core" tour and it was a mess. It probably took an hour and a half for him to come on after the opener and then he closed the show with Unglued which was a big surprise/letdown because he hadn't played Dead and Bloated or Sex Type Thing and if your tour is all about commemorating your first two albums maybe you should try to play all the singles. I love STP and I love a lot of the deep cuts but maybe you should cut Mountain Song by Jane's Addiction from your set and add one of your two biggest hits.
    Scott Weiland is obviously a cancer. It's truly a shame when you're too much of a jackhole for STP or Slash & Duff McKagan to tolerate you.
    let the final down fall begin... when is the rest of his band going to start to quit on him? I hope he knows how to play guitar because it is starting to look like a solo tour.
    I had tickets to see STP three years ago, but the show was just randomly cancelled the day before. With no apparent explanation.
    i would have loved to see this fight. im curious to see what his 130lb ass can do. im sure not much