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Black Label Society's show at the House of Blues on May 5 ended early after Zakk Wylde snapped at one of his roadies.

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0 reports, Black Label Society's show at the House of Blues in West Holywood, California Thursday night (May 5) ended early after the group's mainman, Zakk Wylde, reportedly snapped at one of his roadies and hinted from the stage that he had gotten into a fight with his wife prior to the concert. The following report was sent to from a visitor by the name of Jimmy Pop:

"Black Label Society played the Hollywood House Of Blues last night and from the start of the show the band seemed off and Zakk didn't seem into, but I figured it was no big deal. When he finally talked to the crowd before 'In The River' and was going to talk about his Dimebag guitar, he mentioned to the crowd that just before the show he got into a physical fight with his wife and she was throwing punches at him. Then he talked about Dimebag and went into the song and didn't mention anything else about his fight with his wife. He soloed during the song for what seemed like over 10 minutes. Really, really long and self-indulgent. At just under 60 minutes, Zakk took off his Bullseye guitar from center stage after they played 'Suicide Messiah' and threw it at the monitor board/monitor man and started bitching about the monitors being fucked up and that he'd 'lay the hand of God down on somebody in a New York minute' if it wasn't fixed.

"Then he told the soundman that he couldn't hear shit all night and he just wanted to go home to his wife and kids and to get it all over with. He then refused to take another guitar from his tech and walked back and forth onstage as the band started jamming. He looked like he was going to start fighting people. He kneeled down on the side of the stage for a while, and then walked off. The band was still playing during this time and he finally came back on. He strapped on his orange Buzzsaw guitar, but then threw his beer cup at somebody behind the monitors. It looked like he threw it at a woman but I could be wrong.

"Anyway, he then turned around, took off his guitar, and threw it deep into the crowd and walked off. The drummer then kicked over his drums and the show was over. The whole tantrum thing lasted about 5 minutes and the band barely played 60 minutes.

"On the way out, I heard some roadies tell the doormen to make sure the guitar doesn't leave the building, and somebody else also said Zakk was headed to rehab tomorrow. This might also have to do with the story you put up a few days ago about Zakk destroying a bar with a baseball bat. He definitely has some anger-management issues and seemed a bit drunk onstage tonight. I've seen BLS many times before and tonight was the worst, and quite a letdown."

As previously reported, Zakk perpetrated pogrom inside the concert club The Big Easy on April 29 using a baseball bat. Officers detained Wylde for about a half hour, but nobody involved wanted to press charges, so the case was dropped.

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    Actually, it does. That, and the fact he's creative about playing guitar, and that he doesn't do nothing but shred. And really, COME ON, you know you want to be able to shred like that. Everyone does. So just shut up.
    No they don't lol. I do, but thats just me. Zakk is creative he is more towards the metal cliches but the songs he comes up with are still creative. I don't know why everyone only thinks of him as a shredder, he is more song oriented then that, sure he can shred but that's not all he does.
    one word (professional) you cant do that shit no matter who you are, all is not forgiven, if a doctor ***s up its his ass because the patient is paying him to do a job, same difference exept he's a musician and its a privledge to do what hes doing so eat eat that you ass kissers go suck your own cock because obiously Zakks pissed you keep trying to suck his!!!
    eventually every rocker goes a little crazy, he'll get over it. and a 10 minute guitar solo would be the sickest thing ever, and when your feeling like shit it's the best possible thing to do,definitly not self-indulgent, he writes all the songs any way. he should do whatever the hell he wants onstage.
    people were saying that he is an *******, come on, we all have our bad days where we are just like *** it all, dont hate him cause hes got problems of his own, let him do his thing and u do yours
    What a whiney bitch...
    Revolutionist: Feel bad for the guy, he has it rough. I kinda wish I was there, maybe would of had a chance at catching his buzzsaw. Damn roadies wouldn't let me keep it though. [POSTED: 06 May 2005 - 11:23]|
    Your right, being filthy ***ing rich, have your own guitar tech, several cd's out, a tour bus, a 24 Million dollar mansion and a slut wife must be the rocks...Damn I'm half way there...
    keith moon, john bonham, hendrix... all of dead from alcohol (well hendrix died from choking on his vomit from a mix of drugs and alcohol). I'd hate to see wylde added to that list, the man is an incredible guitar player, but like on my post on the other zakk story he is human, and rehab will probably be the best thing for him. Just hope no one starts spewin shit about it showing that he's "weak." Going to rehab is a really tough decision to have to make (expereience).
    he had a big fight with his wife and his good friend died hes not an *******
    myers8967: he had a big fight with his wife and his good friend died hes not an ******* well that still doesn't mean you can beat the shit out of people that didn't even really do anything to you
    zakk wylde is an awesome guitarist and i hope he doesnt screw his career up with drinking heavily and doing drugs.
    I think its crazy that he was like fightin people but how can u guys hate how he plays he does frikin pinch harmonics like every 5 seconds lets see u guys do that
    one thing seems clear: NNNUUU..TTTTJJJAAOOOBBBB!!!.. i like that les paul hes holding, i almost bought it the other day cos it felt and sounded good.
    for all you douchebags up there let me hit you with some knowledge: your ***ed in the head if you think that if your rock as a guitarist doesnt mean you can kick some techies ass. Iv had bad times in my life and i dont beat someone silly, so why is he allowed to? The man is a buttwipe
    for all you douchebags up there let me hit you with some knowledge: your ***ed in the head if you think that if your rock as a guitarist doesnt mean you can kick some techies ass. Iv had bad times in my life and i dont beat someone silly, so why is he allowed to? The man is a buttwipe
    ..dude..... your ***in idiot what kinda ***in prick names himself pootastic you sound like a immature faggot to me man probubly some little punk rock bitch cant play for shit .. well probubly power chords
    zakk is the best thing to happen to metal in a long time lay off the guy hes been goin threw a lot of shit with dimebag dying. and all of you *******s putting him down i would love to see you do it to his face. and how many times has our shit not worked and we lost it.LONG LIVE ZAKK
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    kjohnson08: just because he can play fast doesnt mean hes one of the greatest [POSTED: 07 May 2005 - 01:48]|
    Actually, it does. That, and the fact he's creative about playing guitar, and that he doesn't do nothing but shred. And really, COME ON, you know you want to be able to shred like that. Everyone does. So just shut up.
    That's sad. It's okay to drink sure he's a ***ing rock star...but when it starts affecting your fans and crew members in a harmful way..then you've got some problems. When you put drinking before fans and've got some problems. C'mon Zakk get your shit together. I love you, you're my hero but don't ***ing do this shit, it's just disappointing.
    i think zakk just needs to take some time off, i mean they just realeased a new cd so it's not like its going to really bother us if he takes some time off..i think he just needs so time to get everything worked out.
    The guys got some serious anger problems..I think thats what happens when you get muscle.It affects the head too. But he's a great guitarist.
    He is an amazing guitarist musicians and person. He is one of my idols and this update doesn't bother me. Instead of slagging him off for doing something wrong I think people need to show him support. Yeah maybe what he done wasn't the best thing to do but the guy is a hero and everyone has bad times and it does look like he is having a tough time at the moment so show your support for one of the, if not the best guitarist in the world.
    what im thinking more of is not the fact that he acted that way on stage that he actualy threw a les paul into the crowd an what im thinking is those things are gonna do some damage if you throw one at a group of people, theres bound to be people getting hurt. but still awsome guitarist plus that buzzsaw guitar is f u c k i n g amzing.
    All who said zakk sucks and he is an idiot and he needs to learn to play guitar first.....simple....FUCK YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE MOTHERFUCKERS. HE IS A FUCKING LEGEND. No doubt!,,,how dare you say those absurd things!! pl who said that obviuosly KNOW NOTHING of music.
    Well let's see one of his best friends died not too long ago and he seems to be having marriage problems. Damn all that and the guitar playing, it's not easy. Dimebag Darrell was a great guitarist; Darrell and Zakk were like brothers. I think he just needs to lay back for a while.
    Oh and he doesn't always play fast. If you listen to Hangover Vol. 6 there are some slower songs.
    Dude what the hell is so cool about being a hell's angel anyway they look like a bunch of ***tards in leather jackets
    The Oceanborn: wtf is it with Zakk and his poser wannabe tough guy shit, that guy needs to learn how to play guitar and then come back [POSTED: 06 May 2005 - 11:20]| omg, you are one of the stupidest people ive ever met! zakk is one of the greatest guitarists ever, and can play more than you could ever think of playing! think about what u post b4 u post it, dumbass. lol look at all the people sayin he's a great guitarist, and that your gay!!!
    I dont think its anger management, hes having a bad year, with what happened to Dime and all...
    dcerda1918: beer drinking and a short fuze. i dont know why he doesnt just go into pro wrestling. he would be right at home.
    Hah funny one
    our next contest winners are firdaus125,and imessyou what have they won, well a big dick in their mouth cuz they suck it, they suck it long and they suck it hard. Stop posting on metal topics rap isnt welcome here now stop being posers and stop sucking cocks.
    That wuz a ruff nite for Zakk apearently he's havin troubles at home but no one should take this personally plus he lost D.D. so thats even worse they wer like brothers so he just needs to recover he doesnt need anger managment or rehab he just needs some time to sort out his shit.
    damn u guys, leave Zakk alone for a while. I mean his an awesome guitarist and he doesn't need shit like this getting out of hand, more and more rumours.
    watchmannee: "... He reportedly benches 375 lbs..." that dosen't make tough, but rollin with the Hell's Angels does. Which he does.
    Yeah somethin like that, considering the youngest guy in the hells angels is about 80 years old.
    Whatever him and his wife fought about, it was deep... I really hope he gets it together, cuz he's not a bad guy, we just all have our hell days...
    zakk lost his best friend in dime, and now wife problems are catching up with him. I'm not trying to stick up for his actions, but you got to have some empathy for what he is going through. It's easily been his toughest year and at some point this shit has to build up... I'm not saying that it's appropriate for it to happen on stage, but it's been building for awhile...
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