Sebastian Bach: 'Any Good Band Has Tension, From Rolling Stones to Motley Crue'

"I don't believe that all these guys are best friends and get along and hang out all the time," shares the singer.

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In a new interview with Anti-Music, Sebastian Bach has been speaking about the process of musical collaboration.

As Bach notes, tension can be a useful tool in the creative process, even if it was what led to his departure from Skid Row:

"The reason my old band is not together is exactly what you just said, and some people don't want to ... I believe that any good band has tension in it, from the Rolling Stones to Aerosmith, to Van Halen to Motley Crue. I don't believe that all these guys are best friends and get along and hang out all the time. I believe that good music is created with some sort of tension. And when you say that all my records have that feeling to them, that's true from 'Kicking and Screaming,' to 'Slave to the Grind,' to the first Skid Row album, to 'Give 'Em Hell'..."

Bach also talked about working with John 5, Duff McKagan and Steve Stevens on his new record:

"I just asked my friends to collaborate with me and my friends happened to be Duff McKagan, Steve Stevens and John 5. I did a song on the last record with John 5 called 'Tunnel Vision' and the first single of the new record, 'Temptation,' is another John 5 musical piece that I wrote lyrics and melody to. He's like the top guy out there for metal guitar right now and I'm so lucky to have him on this record. And Duff McKagan, you know, is my friend and I've been a fan of his forever. And Steve Stevens, ever since I was a little kid and I'm so lucky to be able to do this, with guys I'm a fan of, you know?"

Sebastian Bach's new solo album, titled "Give 'Em Hell," is released on April 22nd.

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    good bands have tension then he goes on to say how all the people on his latest record are his best buddies ...does that mean your new record sucks?
    For once i agree with him a bit. Some of the best songs are created when guys in a band are trying to out-do each other. McCartney/Lennon is a great example.
    Haha, it's funny because Motley Crue is horrible. Not to disrespect those there for the bands they love though.
    Good point I guess if you want a successful band that makes money. My ship already came and went for that, so now I wouldn't play in a band unless I had good friends there. Sure the music might suck, but I'd rather have fun.