Sebastian Bach Fires Young Guitarist

22-year-old Nick Sterling has been fired for failing to make a TV appearance, even though the pair co-write Bach's last album together.

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Sebastian Bach has fired his 22-year-old guitarist for making the band miss a major TV appearance.

Nick Sterling co-wrote Bach's latest solo album "Kicking And Screaming", but chose not to sign an agreement to appear on the show, as Bach told 93 Rock (via Classic Rock):

"It was a very big deal that we were on television from coast to coast all across the USA. Everybody had to sign a release to be part of the broadcast and the DVD coming out. Everybody else signed it.

"I talked to Nick two days before the show and he hadn't signed. I'm like, Dude, we're filming in two days. You have to sign.' He guaranteed to me that he would sign it and be part of it.

"Then when we got to soundcheck he wouldn't sign the release. We could not film the show with him he wouldn't let us."

Sterling apparently made "unreasonable demands", though it's not clear whether it was in fact unreasonable terms on the contract that the guitarist wanted to protest.

Bach said he still loves the album they wrote together, calling it "a very cool, unique moment in time between me and him," but he's furious that their working relationship has come to this:

"I've been doing this for 30 years and all I ask is that somebody is a professional and doesn't wreck it for the rest of us which is what he did in LA the other day."

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    It was a complete dick move on the guitarist's part. Maybe he shouldn't have been fired, but I know people like this in real life who you keep asking to do stuff and they keep putting it off and then when you REALLY need them to do it they just refuse. I can understand why Bach responded in such a way, particularly as it cost him a lucrative appearance and wasted everybody's time, even if it might have been a bit harsh.
    I showed up 5 minutes late for work one day, and I was put on probation, again. I had to take my daughter to school the next day and was late again, and was then fired. Even if you are well meaning, you still have consequences to face.
    problem with that is, for example supervisor where I work arrives everyday at least 15-20 mins late, sometimes more and only calls if his more then 45mins late then a couple of days ago he gives someone a hard time for only arriving 5mins early to his shift. case and point, they guys in charge always think they can do what they want.
    Yeah, but just as a general rule of thumb I always try to get there about 10-15 minutes ahead of time. Just so I can account for the possible delays (trains, etc.) I am pretty thankful that I got fired from my job. Now I work at a local music shop (not Guitar center), and have better hours and I get payed more. I'm able to spend a lot more time with my kids, and such. So I guess it worked out.
    I generally arrive 20-30 but last party cause I drive and my give myself an hour its easier to come in early. 10-15 mins is whats expected. In this case everyone comes in at about 5min before their shift, and in your case if you've been diligent up to that point you shouldn't be put on probation and fired for being late 2 times. I'm glad it worked out for you tho. The truly sad thing is, I've worked in professional fields with architects, engineers and lawyers and their so much more relaxed while mangers in security, retail ect with little to no education go on power trips for the smallest thing.
    I guess that guy just isn't enough of a SAVAGE ANIMAL!
    One missed television appearance? Really? No one watches tv anymore like that anymore. It's all youtube now. Just make a video on youtube and make up for it if you want publicity Seb.
    Way Cool JR.
    Dude made a stupid move that effected the whole band and Sebastian acted (IMO) with proper authority. I am sure when things cool off he will be let back in the band.
    Another reason was him being drunk onstage, something Baz has never been even in the early Skid Row days, and the fact that he's gotten himself in trouble with Canadian law, and as a result is refused entry to Canada, where Baz frequently plays.
    i'd like to know what the demands were, like a fair share of royalties!?
    Jam with Stevie Stevens some more- that shit was awesome from what I saw on Youtube!!
    And I suppose forcing a band member to do something they don't want to do is completely reasonable, huh Sebastian Bach? Damn, even Axl Rose gave Slash more chances than that.
    If I member of a band doesn't want to do something that the rest of the band wants to, he probably doesn't belong in the band.
    can't you read between the lines? it's not that he didn't want to take part of it or whatever, it's a money issue, Bach probably offered him a small percentage, and since that kid co-wrote his album he probably expected a larger amount of what was offered to him as a hired gun, and refused to do it unless Bach made him a better offer and not be a greedy b*tch like he was in Skid Row
    What a spin. I might believe it wholly, too, if not for a complete lack of explanation of WHY he refused to sign the agreement. Now if we look at the last article, it's clear that Nick was busy fighting with Sebastian of pay at the time. Hmmm... methinks Nick wouldn't let the big rockstar keep all his song royalties in exchange for a little spotlight anymore. After all, Sebastian has never written a thing on his own.
    Damn, that sucks. I've been friends with nick since 3rd grade, hopefully he can get another gig, he's ****ing amazing.
    Pretty much everything I've ever heard about Sebastian Bach points towards him being a gigantic douche, so I'm sure there is more to this than just his side of the story
    everyones slamming this kid without even hearing his side. bach is far from perfect in dealing with band mates. give the kid a chance before he becomes a villian
    nick was a shitty guitarist, and nick is probably the reason kicking and screaming sucked ass compared to angel down. sebastian i'd ****ing play guitar for you. that is if you wanna go back to the sound ofskid row.
    Kicking and screaming was ****ing brilliant. Sterling for my money is one of the best young guitarists around, he was fantastic on that album and it's no coincidence that some of the best songs on it (My own Worst Enemy, Caught in a Dream, I'm Alive, Kicking and Screaming) were all either solely or partly written by Sterling. I like Bach a lot, think he's a genuine rockstar who cares about his fans and doesn't pretend to be anything he isn't, he's a fantastic singer as well but he can be a prima donna. I think there may be more to this than we've heard. But also if Sterling's behavior (being drunk onstage doesn't bode well) is as erratic as they say maybe Bach was right.
    He's finally gone. Now Bach can get back to metal instead of that crappy rock on Kicking and Screaming.
    you mean reverse...KnS was bullshit album...Bach do what you are really like,dont do those 'modern' called shits
    Strange how there is no source for this article, and a Google search shows nothing. Appears to be a UG World Exclusive. Sebastian updates his Facebook page all the time and there's no reference to this. I may be wrong, but so might this article.