Sebastian Bach Fires Young Guitarist

artist: Sebastian Bach date: 08/13/2012 category: music news
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Sebastian Bach Fires Young Guitarist
Sebastian Bach has fired his 22-year-old guitarist for making the band miss a major TV appearance. Nick Sterling co-wrote Bach's latest solo album "Kicking And Screaming", but chose not to sign an agreement to appear on the show, as Bach told 93 Rock (via Classic Rock): "It was a very big deal that we were on television from coast to coast all across the USA. Everybody had to sign a release to be part of the broadcast and the DVD coming out. Everybody else signed it. "I talked to Nick two days before the show and he hadn't signed. I'm like, Dude, we're filming in two days. You have to sign.' He guaranteed to me that he would sign it and be part of it. "Then when we got to soundcheck he wouldn't sign the release. We could not film the show with him he wouldn't let us." Sterling apparently made "unreasonable demands", though it's not clear whether it was in fact unreasonable terms on the contract that the guitarist wanted to protest. Bach said he still loves the album they wrote together, calling it "a very cool, unique moment in time between me and him," but he's furious that their working relationship has come to this: "I've been doing this for 30 years and all I ask is that somebody is a professional and doesn't wreck it for the rest of us which is what he did in LA the other day."
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