Sebastian Bach on New Album: 'This Is the First Record Ever That I Did Sober'

artist: Sebastian Bach date: 04/22/2014 category: music news
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Sebastian Bach on New Album: 'This Is the First Record Ever That I Did Sober'
Sebastian Bach has been speaking to Braveworlds about his new album "Give 'Em Hell."

As the singer notes, it's the first record that he has ever done while sober:

"I hesitate to say this to people, but I guess I should admit it, this is the first album I've ever done in my life not drinking alcohol. I never did a record ever before sober.

"I guess that kind of ties me into not drinking anymore, because everybody's telling me I sound the best I've ever sounded on this record. Everybody really digs it, and I dig it myself. There's so many insane screams. When the first video for 'Temptation' came out, people just lost their minds over it. And we just put out a new one, a lyric video for 'Taking Back Tomorrow,'" which looks like a comic book come to life.

"That was my idea. They (the record label) said, 'You need to do a lyric video.' I said, 'What the hell is a lyric video? I don't even know what that is, no idea.' They said, 'It's a video that the lyrics go over.' Any fan can do that at their house with their laptop. Why would we do that? So I said, 'Let's make it like a comic with the lyrics coming out of my mouth in a balloon, in panels and stuff.' When I suggested that, the record company just laughed. But that's how it came out, and it's fun. I love making stuff. I love making new videos, new albums, album covers; I just enjoy it."

The singer also explained why he had name-checked troubled actress Amanda Bynes on the song "Taking Back Tomorrow:"

"Hey man, Sebastian Bach is the original Amanda Bynes. I was Amanda Bynes in 1983 at the Gasworks (a popular Toronto rock bar). I've been setting the standard for craziness for decades now, and that's no lie."

"Give 'Em Hell" is released today (April 22).
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