Sebastian Bach: 'One Of My Biggest Life Enemies Is the Shuffle Button'

"I'm really into sequencing," reveals singer.

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Sebastian Bach has been speaking with Loudwire about his recently released solo album, "Give 'Em Hell."

As the former Skid Row singer notes, he was meticulous about the sequencing of tracks on the new record, and hopes that it wont become a victim of the shuffle function on iTunes:

"I'm really into sequencing. One of the biggest enemies in life to me is the shuffle button on iTunes. In the studio, I really become a ruthless and miserable prick when it comes to the details like sequencing. My producer actually calls me 'Mr. Poopy Pants' because of how much crap I put out there. But then I become like the Incredible Hulk once I get what I want. I go from being the most miserable prick on the planet to the happiest guy on earth. Every detail of the new album matters to me, especially the sequencing, because of all the moods that it can create. All that said, I am amazingly proud of this record. If you loved 'Monkey Business' back in 1991, I just don't know how you could not love this record."

Bach also shared his thoughts on KISS's induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, noting that he understands why the band didn't reunite the original line-up:

"Okay, I've been asked this a lot lately but I haven't really told anybody my thoughts. Here's what I will tell you though. People, fans on the outside, never see all there is to really see. There is a reason that this thing is called 'show business.' The 11-year-old in me would love to see Ace and Peter play with Gene and Paul. But the 46-year-old man in me understands why Gene doesn't want to play with Ace and Peter. I have a new book coming out, my memoir, and I go into more of this in detail. But I totally get why things are the way they are."

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    All of these rock and metal news websites seem to have a thing for posting quotes from classical composer Johann Sebastian Bach although he's been dead for over 350 years... Oh wait.
    He must not have very many enemies. What else is your enemy, dude? Dandruff? Static electricity? Traffic?