Sebastian Bach Posts Open Letter To Skid Row And Fans

artist: Sebastian Bach date: 07/12/2012 category: music news
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Sebastian Bach Posts Open Letter To Skid Row And Fans
Sebastian Bach has slammed his former bandmates in Skid Row for not caring enough about their fans to organise a reunion but he's invited them to make it happen now. His "open letter" is a reaction to an interview with his replacement, Johnny Solinger, who's said to have called Bach's recent statements about a reunion "crap". A feature on Legendary Rock Interviews states that Solinger said: "He's been wanting back in the band since I joined but there's not much he can say about it, and not much I care to say about it. His statement was just his way of getting a little attention. It's not going to happen." But the classic-era frontman says he was misquoted on the same website and suggests Skid Row's current singer was misquoted too. Bach says: "There is a journalist named Jonathan Parks who has gone out of his way to undermine our fragile relationships. He makes up whatever he wants to say on his website I can guarantee you I never said what ended up in my interview. "Every time there is a question I answer, on his site, 'Well, you know, John...' I can guarantee you I did not know this person's name. I challenge Mr Parks to put up the audio of what I actually said, so you can hear for yourself what bullshit lies ended up in his interview. "That's why it's futile for me to respond to my replacement's ridiculous claims. Because I'll bet you Jonathan Parks used more than a little creative license in his interview, as he did in mine." Bach says the recent comment he made that four out of five original Skid Row members wanted a reunion was true. "It's not crap'", he insists. "We were offered to play two shows at Sonisphere in Europe. They even printed up posters for the show which had us on the bill." In the Solinger feature Legendary Rock Interviews states that guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo is the one who won't reunite but Bach says: "Snake was the first one to say he would. Robe Affuso would do it. I called the bass played [Rachel Bolan] but never heard back." Bach believes his Skid Row should be more like Kiss, saying: "For more than 40 years Kiss has let the fans be the boss and the fans love them for it. My old band is the complete opposite of that. "For the fans I would be willing to put my ego aside and do something that would be special for the people who put us where we are today. I do not personally want it myself but it's not always about what I want." He adds: "So to my old band members, if you want to try and get out of the internet bullshit and come together for the sake of the fans, give me a call." Bach finishes: "One last gigantic 'f--k you' to Jonathan Parks for being a slimy scumbag. The fans have you to thank for completely f--king up this year's chances for a reunion. Way to go, stupid." John Parks of Legendary Rock Interviews tells Classic Rock that he's currently dealing with a barrage of personal attacks as a result of Bach's open letter. He says: "If one reads the interview they will see only one mention of Bas saying my name. One mention does not equal the 'every time' name dropping Bas suggests. It was the very first question and of course that's how most normal phone chats start. "The interview he is complaining about was published six months ago. He wasn't upset six months ago and in fact tweeted and Facebooked the link. It was only after we ran an interview this week with Mr. Solinger that he freaked out. "We record our interviews on our cellphones' internal storage and after they are published they are deleted. This is true for not just Mr. Riot Act but for all celebs we talk to. "As for Bas saying that he assumes the Snake and Solinger interviews were lies as well, why not ask them or go to where Sabo's chat is prominently featured?" Thanks for the report to
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