Sebastian Bach Set To Revolutionize Music With Steve Stevens

Skid Row singer says he is working on a "top secret project" and it seems he has brought just the right guy to help him along the way.

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A few months ago, former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach has made a big announcement saying he is working on a "top secret project that will revolutionize popular music as we know it".

Well according to the latest update via official Facebook page, the guy helping Bach in his revolution with some mean guitar chops will be non-other than legendary Steve Stevens. The guitarist has apparently come up with a new "kick a-- cool rock 'n roll song" which is bound to find it's place on the new album. With some more material from the guitarist Jeff George, band will be entering studio very soon.

"Ideas are just starting to take shape for the next studio record. The legendary guitarist / great friend Steve Stevens has come up with one track so far that will definitely be on my next record. It is a kick ass cool rock 'n roll song that I guarantee will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Just how I like it. We are going to work on more songs together too.

"Also my guitar player Jeff George has come up with a couple of great ideas that we will also be demoing very soon. We are really going to get cracking on the new material right away and have a new studio album out sooner than you think! I am so happy to collaborate with Steve he has always been one of my favorite guitar players! We are going out rock this bitch down to the ground in 2013 mother truckers!".

The singer's latest studio album, "Kicking And Screaming" was released back in September 2011 selling 6,600 copies in the US within its first week of release, landing at #73 on the Billboard chart.

It seems like these guys are having a good time. Do you think we're headed for a smash hit single here and are you as excited as Bach about this one? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Not really excited. Not a big fan of Sebastian Bach, and Steve Steven's work hasn't really "moved" me. Despite my lack of excitement, I'm curious and interested in how it'll revolutionize music as we know it.
    Way Cool JR.
    Hell yeah! This just might be a great year in Rock music. First the upcoming release of De La Cruz's "Street Level" album (out next month) and now this to look foreword to. Hell not to mention the new Black Sabbath album.
    I don't see how bach can bring back rock and revolutionize music. He's losing vocal range, and oversings everything.
    Maybe he should go work on an album with Skid Row and revolutionize their career as a band.