Sebastian Bach Talks Skid Row Reunion Tour: 'A Lot of Form, Very Little Content'

artist: Sebastian Bach date: 04/08/2014 category: music news
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Sebastian Bach Talks Skid Row Reunion Tour: 'A Lot of Form, Very Little Content'
Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach recently touched on the matter of a potential reunion tour, writing it off due to lack of "content."

Chatting with Guitar International, Sebastian shared an interesting story dating back to his childhood and still following him to this very day.

"A lot of my success and hard times come from what learned from my dad," the vocalist kicked off. "He was a painter, an artist who was very well-known. My dad also taught art in school, and that’s what I grew up around. Once when I was about 12, my dad made me write an essay on form versus content. He explained to me that the 'form of something' is how it appears - and the 'content of something' is what is underlying, as well as what it means.

"I have pissed off so many people in my life because in my brain, there's not enough content in something," Bach continued. "And people say, 'You're a dick; you're hard to work with.' And it goes back to my dad telling me if something looks a certain way but it doesn't have content to it , well, who gives a s--t about it? [Laughter]"

Reaching Skid Row reunion, Sebastian added, "It's like some fan will say, 'When are you going to do a reunion tour?' A reunion tour is like a lot of form and very little content. A new album is all content and that's all it is. Total meaning in something that will last forever. So if people say, 'Oh, he's hard to work.' I just want it to be something that has meaning and will last a long time, and that has brought me success and trouble in my life. [Laughter]"

The singer also discussed the impact of social networks on today's music industry, sharing mostly positive remarks. "I'm in a position where record companies and music industry people need me more than I need them almost, not just me, but all artists," he said. "I think it puts the power back in the artist's hands, which is amazing."
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