Secret Service Investigate Eminem

The US presidential bodyguard is examining lyrics by Eminem to see whether he has threatened George Bush.

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As reported by Ananova, The US presidential bodyguard is examining lyrics by Eminem to see whether he has threatened George Bush.

The Secret Service confirmed it was looking at a song which includes the lyric: "I'd rather see the president dead."

The words to the song, We As Americans, are available on the internet and have not been released to buy.

Eminem says in the song: "F*** money, I don't rap for dead presidents. I'd rather see the president dead."

A Secret Service spokesman said: "We are aware of the lyric and are in the process of determining what action, if any, will be taken."

A spokesman for Oscar and Grammy award winner Eminem told CNN the song was not ready for release: "This was an unfinished song, either lost or stolen," he said. "There was no determination where, when, how or if it was going to be used."

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    hope he get's sued pretty bad or sent to jail, that way i wont have to hear his gay raps anymore
    Its a federal offense to threaten the life of the president, that law was put in place way before bush was in office. And a lot of stupid kids look up to eminem so they know the power his lyrics have, so when he threatens the president, of course they're gonna look into it, its a lot more than just mere anti-policy.
    Dubya=DEMON PIG
    Im not a fan of eminems, but the government is just looking for ways to be dicks these days. Instead of messing with eminem, put more juice to find bin laden. rather than take care of some real wastes of space, he goes after a rapper... a rapper for gods sake... whats he gonna do, rap off bushs stupid monkey ears? FUCK John Ashcroft, FUCK the patriot act, and FUCK the oppressionist republican regime. ***ing nazi wannabe elephant pieces of shit
    one of you guys said that m&m only makes music for money, erm he got sued for millions. even if he did threaten the president hes a paranoid idiot and if it went to court the they wud hire sum idiot lawyer to screw it up so who really cares. i dont like rap but i hope he keeps makin music he loves just like the rest of us, and at the end of the day enough people like his music so why shud he stop.
    Im pretty sure eminem isn't the only one to "threaten" the president. So why the double standard?
    It's too bad the Secret Service doesn't have anything better to do than look into a pop star's lyrics.
    i thin that eminem has the right to say what ever he wants in his songs.its freedom of speech and his just expressin himself threw his music like allot of other people do. even though i hate rap i have respect for eminem and 2pac because they dont rap aobut being high and killing someone they talk about their life.
    lol he also could be referring to another president, you never know... just a thought
    i dont see anything wrong in the lyric... please someone tell me what is so bad in that?
    I don't want to say my stand on the president but i do support free speech. If He said he would rather see him dead and it is relate to bush who cares. He didn't say i am going to kill the president. Eminem is just doing what he does best. Piss people off, which leads to albums sells.
    What I want to know is, are they going after John S. Hall of King Missile III, whose latest album features the anti-Bush lyrics "I hate your ***ing guts, and I want you to die...Fuck me for not killing you / Fuck everybody who's gotten within fifteen ***ing feet of you and hasn't ***ing tried...You don't even deserve to be executed / Just die a slow ***ing painful ***ing death, you illiterate shit scumbag scumbag mother***ing shiteating scumbag scumbag, you ***ing, you ***, ***, *** you!"?
    let it bleed
    Whoever wrote the original article is a tool. They just want people to see that they're in the AP or whatever and just want headlines and money. That's what Eminem wrote that lyric. He's smart, he wouldn't make stupid mistakes with lyrics in public. He's not one of the top musicians in the world for nothing.
    M&M is a little bitch, but so is Bush. M&M made no regrettable mistake here, unless Bush & his puppets wanna be *******s & take it all the way. I think it's just because he's famous & a lot of people like him, but that's no reason to try to silence free speech. Fuck this ****-ry!!!
    I'm not saying rap sucks, but can it actually even be considered a type of music?????
    how ironic is it that when as we debate free speech we watch our posts be removed? i'm not saying anything. maybe some people (like ME), just need to learn when to be quiet. i apologize...?
    ANARCHY BURGER, HOLD HE GOVERNMENT PLEASE!!!! screw it... eminem is a smart guy, good rap but is still a complete fagget.. most of his raps are just complaints, what a smart guy to put his complaints into music...
    what makes the news these days...(lol) paranoid? because ppl don't get to bash ppl, which is supposed to be our right as *******s, i mean americans. what am i even saying, honestly? on may think that i don't even have a view on anything. they would be correct.
    eminem is about as much of a threat to the president as a prezel, wait, im remebering something, um president...prezel...oh yeah he choked on one, ok maybe he is threat then.
    What can they do anyway? America is presumably a free country, and I cast high doubt as to whether he would whip out a revolver and get Dr Dre to go take out Bush...
    Steph Bets
    hahahahahhahhahahahahahah ahaha thats dumbe. he has threatened so many people. mr prez is scared
    Is Em going to try to kill the president? No. Leave him alone, it's just a song. Freedom of speech, right?
    why doesn't the 'secret service' go back to their little corners and drive their fingers bakc up each others asses like they normally would, the lyrics obviously said "i'd rather see the president dead" which looks to me like an opinion, which is part of this thing called "Freedom of Speech" you have can have an opinion about anything. lets say for example, you get pulled over by a cop, if call him a pig, he can beat you and arrest you, if you say "I THINK you are a pig" then they can't do jack i can't wait untill bush is out of office...
    Lol, I'm pretty sure "I'd rather see the president dead" is an opinion, and not a statement regarding future action - good to see the secret service don't see it that way... What would some dumb Irish bloke know anyways? :rolleyes:
    I hope he gets something, cuz he really has taken it a bit too far in his lyrics... I mean, when insulting the government, you've gotta think of every possible result (especially in the U.S., and especially when the government's itching to get you in for something (as they for eminem)...
    ... its cool man, anyways, did anyone know about eminem's finishing of probation..., he either just finished it, or it finishes this month...
    "war on drugs", etc.), you can't expect more than the same old monotonous perpetuation of illusory fascist concepts (e.g. progress, "standard of living" - rememeber expansionism?). white man's burden my ass. just shut the hell up when you don't know what ur talking about, kid.
    eminem is a very intelligent person, blakey. you are an ehtnocentric and culturally devoid whiney little bitch, if i may be so blunt. our president probably wouldn\\\'t even be able to understand some of eminems cultural references (or the affairs of the federal government, for that matter), nor could he ever be anything more than an angry drunkard. the dumb hick can\\\'t even eat a pretzel (j/k). i got nothing on the president (considering he hardly does anything besides kill people - defecit, job market depletion, domestic affairs in general?), but if i did, it would be my right to say so. you put too much stock in your own damn opinion to be an opponent of free speech, blakey mcjackoff. america ain\\\'t all that. bush is NOT my leader. armand jean du plessis had a more adequate grasp of internal affairs. in a gov\\\'t where all you have are a couple of rich idiots in suits arguing over who gets to be head idiot for the next four years and thow their hypocrisy around in any direction they please (be it health care, abortion, the \\
    America - Land of the limited possibilities America - Land of the Chained America - Land of the TV-Believers
    wtf? you'd think the secret service would actually be doing something useful, not pissing about listeing to eminem.