Secret Service Investigate Eminem

artist: Eminem date: 12/08/2003 category: music news
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Secret Service Investigate Eminem
As reported by Ananova, The US presidential bodyguard is examining lyrics by Eminem to see whether he has threatened George Bush. The Secret Service confirmed it was looking at a song which includes the lyric: "I'd rather see the president dead." The words to the song, We As Americans, are available on the internet and have not been released to buy. Eminem says in the song: "F*** money, I don't rap for dead presidents. I'd rather see the president dead." A Secret Service spokesman said: "We are aware of the lyric and are in the process of determining what action, if any, will be taken." A spokesman for Oscar and Grammy award winner Eminem told CNN the song was not ready for release: "This was an unfinished song, either lost or stolen," he said. "There was no determination where, when, how or if it was going to be used."
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