Secrets of Filming New Muse Concert Movie Revealed by Film Makers

Live From Rome Olympic Stadium shot in 4K.

Ultimate Guitar

A short clip showing behind the scenes footage of the filming of Muse's concert film, Live From Rome Olympic Stadium, has been released online. Check it out below. The concert film was shot in 4K, an ultra high resolution. The clip depicts the crew preparing to shoot scenes of the epic July show, during which the band performed to a staggering 60,963 people. Cameramen and directors explain how they carried out the massive feat - before the secrets of filming the gig is revealed during the show. The Live From Rome Olympic Stadium DVD/CD will be released 2nd December.

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    They are so solid live.
    even when the Bass player was drunk of his ass, he was solid. when I'm drunk I can hardly hit a correct note xD
    Seeing bits of this reminds me of when I saw them on this tour. Such a magical evening. Played some really old/rare tunes too!
    Still quite disappointed from the setlist and editing (based on the few clips I've seen) but will still be getting a blu-ray when it comes out. Hopefully a 4k re-release can happen when the format becomes more consumer level.
    what a terrible group. how do they have so many dedicated fans?, their music is shit.
    Terrible!? I mean, I wasn't personally the biggest fan of their last two albums, but "Origin" through "Black Holes" are so good! At least back then, they brought a great blended sound of all of their influences together, including Queen, Rage Against the Machine, Zeppelin, and countless classical composers, while tastefully respecting them. They created challenging and exciting music. Now, it just seems like the Queen songs are Queen songs and the U2 songs are U2 songs. Their new stuff just doesn't do it for me... but they're definitely a band deserving of their fan base. Every member is massively talented and they write some great (while still musically fresh and talented) accessible and hooky music.
    Praying that, in terms of the setlist, it's not gonna be another HAARP - i mean, Guiding Light is nice but surely you'd leave that out in favour of Citizen Erased, Butterflies & Hurricanes, Dead Star.....c'mon now