Seeing Light In Pupil

After the Ely Buendia-led band "The Mongols" disbanded May 2005, the frontman decided to form a new band.

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When the Ely Buendia-led band The Mongols disbanded May 2005 after they lost one of its members, most people speculated it was over for this once popular front man of the still respected 90's phenomenal band Eraserheads. But it was far from being kaput. He, along with remaining members, guitarist Yan Yuzon, bassist Dok Sergio and drummer Boks Jugo, decided to form a new band.

To start anew means coming up with a new name. For some bands, it is a case of "what's the coolest sounding word?" But not for them. It has to be narrowed down to a single word name, preferably short, simple yet elegant, technical but familiar, should sound more like an electronic band than a rock band, and probably the most important, easy to say/spell/shout/scream. As the band got into conceptualizing a new name, several ideas popped up such as Narcom, Tyrel Corp, Traitors, The Gets and Trochlean. Still, they were never satisfied as it didn't fit the criteria. They were looking for something more.

Finally, the moment of "eureka" came by. While reading a medical book, Ely chanced upon the word Pupil. He liked the fact that Pupil was the part of the eye where the light comes in. As he broached the name to his bandmates, everyone unanimously agreed. Yan particularly liked the "Eternal Connotations" of the name.

Next step was to look for a record label. Pupil submitted the demo they wrote themselves to several labels. But no one was more enthusiastic about the new material than the newly-merged Sony BMG. Incidentally, Ely left BMG in 2000 in the wake of his falling out with the Eraserheads. But the wounds have now been healed and BMG accepted him like a prodigal son.

After months of writing and recording at Wombworks Studios, in the heart of Marikina, Pupil finished what they consider a true group effort, "Beautiful Machines." The album features 8 English and 6 Tagalog songs including the title track as well as "Lost Guide," a moody, noisy ballad written by Yan; "Mary" (another Yan creation); "Dulo ng Dila" and "Hypersober" which Dok and Bogs contributed respectively; and songs written by Ely and his wife and manager Dianne like "Different Worlds," "Blow Your House Down," "She Talks To Trees," "Gamu-gamo," "All This Time," "Dianetic," "Kalawakan" and the carrier single "Nasaan Ka?"The inclusion of Tagalog songs is no coincidence. The band felt that the album needed a more local flavor.

"Beautiful Machines" is now available in CDs everywhere under Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

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