Seether Let Go With New Album

artist: Seether date: 09/20/2011 category: music news
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In a new interview, Seether says their latest album "Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray" is all about knowing (or not knowing) when it's best to say goodbye. Seether's new album has already spawned the massive singles "Country Song" and "Tonight" but what the hell does it all mean? Shaun and the rest of the guys sat down with Artist Direct recently to talk about the central theme behind "Holding on to Strings Better Left To Fray". Shaun Morgan explained: "I think the whole concept of just letting things go. Letting relationships that are effecting your life negatively just saying you know what? This is not working out.' Friends, girlfriends, family members, whatever it is. You get to a point where you say okay This is obviously not conducive for either of us to be in this relationship, so why are we still battling through this?' It's inane to sit there and go things are gonna get better but they're not gonna get betterand then you find yourself years later going this thing was doomed from the startSo much wasted energy goes into something that's ultimately doomed so why even invest the time when you could invest in something that's really positive?" Thanks for the report to
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