Sepultura Singer Shoots Down Cavalera Claims

Derrick Green insists the band will make more albums.

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Sepultura frontman Derrick Green has blasted claims made by Max Cavalera that the band won't be recording any more studio albums, Metal Hammer reports.

Green vowed the band will continue to release records as he compared former main man Cavalera's claims to high school level gossip.

Cavalera told Hard Rock Haven he'd "heard a rumour" that Sepultura's 2013 album "The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart" would be their last.

Green tells TotalRock: "It's absolutely ridiculous. All this stuff is ridiculous. If people really wanna know what's happening, then they can easily ask us, and we've never come to that conclusion at all.

"We definitely wanna have another album, for sure. For us, we play all the time - many, many different places and we try to do as much as possible with our music and show that on stage. Not be so much in the media talking about other people and other bands and things like that.

"I passed that in high school, like a long time ago. You get face to face and f--king speak to us. But other than that, it's just bullsh-t."

Green says the band prefer to do their talking through their music as he tried to distance himself from the "soap opera."

He adds: "What becomes frustrating is just going through the same thing over and again, but it's, again, a lot of stuff that's just not true. Like I said, focus on the music. People love the soap operas and to play up to the roles. Not us. Like I said, we love to play and I think you can really see that from the energy on stage and from the power of the last album and the albums before that."

Sepultura founding member Max Cavalera left the band in 1996 following the death of his stepson Dana Wells in a car crash.

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    Getting really tired of all that ,, Bring Max back''-bullshit. If you want Cavalera then go and listen to his stuff, he has plenty of albums. Sepultura are, what they are now. I like Derrick, I think he has a unique voice and sounds great live, other than Cavalera, who basically just plays the open E string of his guitar while burping like a monkey. Although I have to say that his vocals have been getting better again.
    I went to see Soulfly a couple years back and that's exactly what he did, stood and spammed the top string and just doesn't have the energy from the mid 90's but people get older and whatnot so yeah
    i saw them in jan. guitar was pretty accurate, but he was pretty energetic, and good vocally. also was very gracious and welcoming to fans. that e-string ting really did bug me a ton though.
    "People love the soap operas and to play up to the roles." explains why its here on UG then
    Actually UG, Max left the band after the rest of the members decided to sack his wife, and he's been a whiny bitch over it ever since
    The last few Sepultura records have been pretty decent. They're no Beneath the Remains, Arise or Chaos AD but post-Max Sepultura have really found their own sound. I hated early Soulfly too - the late 90's and ealry 2000's were a rough time for everyone involved. On a related note... Max's newer band, Killer Be Killed put out an EXCELLENT record earlier this year.
    There are lot of great vocalists in metal today. Max and Green are two of them. Unfortunately for Max, the unique sound of Sepultura was not his vocals but Andreas' killer guitar work. One of the few guitarists who does the shred leads, the down tuned riffs and the fast picking with ease and conviction, that guy is one of the most under-rated players (for a good 3 decades now). As long as he remains in Sepultura, Max, no matter how great a pioneer he thinks he is, will be reduced to releasing juvenile sound bits every few days.....
    If the band touring as Sepultura meant anything, they would play at most 1-2 Max era songs. If they are a viable band, they should stand behind their material.