Sepultura's Cavalera Brothers Forming 'Metal Version of White Stripes'

Max and Igor brought together by former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy.

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Former Sepultura members Max and Igor Cavalera have confirmed teaming up as a duo for their new project. The two brothers were brought together by former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy and will soon be unleashing what was described as "the metal version of White Stripes." Seeing that the pair already plays together in Cavalera Conspiracy, the project's idea was essentially cutting off the rest of the band, Igor revealed. As the drummer told the Guardian, "James Murphy approached me with the record idea, but eventually suggested some others. To start with, he wants only the two of us in the studio, like a metal version of the White Stripes. He also wants nothing but the two of us on stage." He continued, "He basically asked me to get rid of the rest of the band. Cavalera Conspiracy has four members and two records. Murphy asked us to start from scratch as a duo. According to him, 'this will come to be the heaviest record of our careers'. He promised me that." The idea of seeing only Cavalera brothers on stage, as well as the though of their heaviest work to date definitely had the fans excited, especially since the last time the two played as a duo was back in their teens. "I had some pieces of an old drum and he had his guitar," Igor added. "This new project feels as though my brother and I are coming back home, 30 years later." Max Cavalera left Sepultura in 1996 after the band fired his wife Gloria from the manager position, while Igor followed his footsteps in 2006 due to creative differences. As previously reported, Max is currently also working on a supergroup project with members of Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan and Mars Volta.

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    Wait... weren't the "white" husband and wife?! Is there something weird going on between Max and Igor?
    yeah, but after they broke up they claimed they were siblings I think. So it works in a weird way (if you don't think about it).
    I wouldn't call Death From Above 1979 "metal", but they have a sound somewhat similar to the White Stripes and are only 2 members, being a drummer and a bassist. I'd highly recommend checking them out.
    I'd rather just have another Cavalera Conspiracy album but closer to the quality of the first one than the 2nd.
    This doesnt sound very promising. How can you have a metal band with only 2 members...
    have you listened to the band Jucifer? just a guy and a girl. the girl sings and plays guitar and the dude drums and they get super ****ing heavy!! she uses multiple amps all cranked up for that wall of heavy sludge.
    This might work depending on what it's going to be like musically, knowing what the Cavalera's already make I doubt it might work so well, it all depends on what Max's guitar is going to sound like.
    How many bands did Max form? This all seems like a deja vu to me...
    What a strange collaboration! I'm excited to see what surfaces from this, and more excited to see the hate that surfaces from the staunch metal community
    Big Business are one of the heaviest bands (heavy in a sludge way) going, and they are/were a 2 piece. I mean, they always had extra guitar for soundscapes and leads, but it wasn't til recently they added a permanent guitarist. How much is not having bass really an issue in music it will either be completely buried in or not worth hearing in the first place? It's important to have bass presence, sure, but for how dirt simple the music will be, Max already only plays 4 strings on his guitar.
    The guy says it'll be the heaviest thing they've ever done to the people who created Schizophrenia, Beneath the Remains and Arise? Yeah, right.
    INB4 SEPULTURA REUNION! (No not really, but I'd really appreciate it. On topic, I'm curious to see where this will go)