Serj Tankian Proposing 'UN Peace-Keeping Force to End the Civil War' in Syria

artist: Serj Tankian date: 09/04/2013 category: music news
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Serj Tankian Proposing 'UN Peace-Keeping Force to End the Civil War' in Syria
System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian recently addressed the current situation in Syria, expressing concern over the evidence against Syrian government and stressing the need to find a peaceful solution. "I'm really concerned about the 'evidence' against the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons as an excuse for intervention," Tankian stated via Facebook. "Remember the 'slam dunk' evidence against Iraq? Why would Assad use chemical weapons when he has the lead and in his own neighborhood? "Doesn't make any sense to me. Would it be a far notion to assume that Al Qaeda or Al Nusra Front would do this to get the West involved? This time let the people of the world see the evidence and let the UN General Assembly make the decision of involvement, not a few nations of the Security Council. Just some thoughts." The singer posted a follow-up statement two days later, further explaining his thoughts. "Ultimately, along with the use of chemical weapons and their horrific severity, the civil war in Syria has cost 100k lives with millions more displaced," he said. "If we really want to help, instead of conducting limited air strikes, which will not change the balance of power in Syria, we should propose an international, multilateral, UN peace-keeping force to end the civil war there and create an immediate cease fire that can lead to negotiations between the gov't and the rebels." Tankian continued, "I think the Russians and Chinese will oblige and join the effort especially given the alternative of air strikes. Once the civil war has ended it will be easier to deduce the guilty parties on both sides who have broken international laws and conventions and bring them to justice, preferably through the ICC or World Court to help strengthen those institutions to deal with crimes against humanity instead of weakening them as the US has in the past. Any thoughts on this?"
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