Serj Tankian Translating His Music Into Paintings

SOAD frontman embarking on a new artistic adventure he describes as "disarming time paintings."

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System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian has recently embarked on what he describes as a new artistic venture called "disarming time paintings." The project consists of Tankian working on both the musical compositions and paintings, ultimately translating them into a single art piece by embedding speakers and MP3 players into the paintings.

The main goal frontman had was to create an exclusive, unique experience with each piece, naming music devaluation that's occurring in modern times as one of the main reasons he opted for such an approach.

"This is really exciting for me 'cause I never painted in my life before," Tankian said. "The urge came to me in the discovery that music has become so temporal and devalued in the world today, even though we love music, anyone watching this and myself inclusive."

Frontman elaborated the idea further, saying, "So I wanted to create an exclusive experience, I wanted to create something unique for someone to hold and they're the only person that get to experience that."

In the process of making some of the pictures, Tankian used unconventional methods such as throwing paint-filled balloons on a canvas or running the canvas over with his car. You can check out all the details regarding the project in the video below.

As far as his work with SOAD goes, tensions started to emerge with the recent online outburst of bassist Shavo Odadjian. In a series of Facebook posts on his official page, Odadjian attacked the frontman for holding the group back, going so far to actually consider hiring a replacement singer.

Tankian's solo work on the other hand is going through a rather prolific phase, as he has announced the release of two independent studio records for this summer.

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    I gotta admit this made me laugh a little bit. He keeps coming up with these amazing ideas for music but everyone is just waiting for a new SOAD album. He should just do it and get it out of the way already.
    It always great when musician's trying to find more ways of expressing himself. And it's even greater, when those ways are not related to music.
    Heh. Serj has proven over and over again that he is an utterly bonkers creative genius... And yet, no one cares because none of his current projects are called "System of a Down"... It's almost ironic in a sense. I, for one, am actually quite intrigued by this project - I've always been interested in multimedia art, and this is certainly a drastic take on multimedia.
    The man could take some time out to do a SOAD album, easily. Although I think it's a lot like how it is with Maynard these days, different things interest him now.
    am i the only one not interested in another SOAD album? serjs solo work has been so much better than anything SOAD has done so far.