Serj Tankian Writing Music for 'East of Byzantium: War Gods and Warrior Saints' Documentary, Crowdfunder Launched

Documentary project needs to recoup expenses of weeks lost during pre-production.

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An Indiegogo campaign has been launched to fund a new documentary that will feature an original score by Serj Tankian. The two-part film, titled "East of Byzantium: War Gods and Warrior Saints" is produced by Roger Kupelian.

As the press-release reads, "East of Byzantium: War Gods and Warrior Saints" is a two-part special Docu-tainment miniseries, featuring among other unique elements, experts from the original "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy, as well as an original score by Serj Tankian. The producers of this remarkable project are looking for financial angels who can help it overcome the expenses of the weeks lost during pre-production.

This spring, "after 12 years of unrelenting effort," the documentary production of "East of Byzantium: War Gods and Warrior Saints" set sail. The producers just returned from three weeks of filming in Armenia and are prepping for the large battle recreation scenes here in Los Angeles. As has been the case throughout these 12 years of development, there have been setbacks and big bumps in the road. The final one came in March and almost derailed the project forever.

Three days after depositing the final investor check, one of the investors was taken over by the SEC. This had a domino effect and ended up delaying the production by 6 weeks, costing the show unexpected thousands of dollars in legal fees and staff time. The producer team mounted a formidable defense and, much like the nation of Armenia, stood their ground and held their territory.

"Without financial reinforcement at this critical moment however, this stunning and ground-breaking production may not achieve its ultimate goal of a network premiere shortly after the first of the year, the 100th Anniversary of the Genocide," reads the release.

"Our Goal is $40, 000, with a good chunk of funds raised to be earmarked to fund the stand-out look and visual effects being produced by Roger Kupelian (VFX Artist from "Lord of the Rings," "Flags of Our Fathers," etc.). "

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    write some for SOAD while you're at it
    yeah, how DARE he explore something different as a musician!
    Come on hes been exploring for the past 8 years! Time to get back to SOAD but according to John I dont see that happening anytime soon.
    Sadly I think they realize that and they think you are wrong for saying he should be able to explore
    Sadly I think they realize that and they think you are wrong for saying he should be able to explore
    I'm all for musicans having the right to explore, but when the reason you're able to do that is because your fans built you up in a band they like, it certainly shows some appreciation... When it doesn't look like your next album will take as long as Chinese Democracy that is.
    It absolutely kills me to say this, but I don't think SOAD will make another album. Serj seems to be happy doing his own thing, and doesn't seem to have any interest in doing another system record. It sucks for us system fans, but I respect that he does what makes him happy, as opposed to what we want him to do. At least we have 5 timeless SOAD albums to enjoy!