Sevendust Planning Farewell Tour?

Veteran rockers Sevendust, formed in 1994 and making albums since 1997, are thinking about calling it a day, according to The Pulse Of Radio.

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According to, veteran rockers Sevendust, formed in 1994 and making albums since 1997, are thinking about calling it a day, according to The Pulse Of Radio. In an interview earlier this week, drummer Morgan Rose and vocalist Lajon Witherspoon hinted that the band's next album and tour could be their last.

Rose tweeted later on, "So guys: The whole farewell thing is bein 'talked' about. we love each other, there's no issue with us. we just miss our families. no decision yet." He later added, "Try n chill on making it into something it's not. we love u guys n we are FOR SURE doing another record n touring it." That was followed up with this tweet: "We're not goin away. Not for years. Were 4 sure doin another record n 2 years of touring. We knew the rumors would go nuts."

Rose told The Pulse Of Radio that Sevendust feels lucky to have loyal fans who have kept the group going all these years. "We constantly have to look and say, 'Wow, man, you know, this is 13 years,' with a lot of trouble that's happened with us over those 13, and to be still moving and still touring and still getting a reaction - testament to the people that support us," he said. "You know, I've always said I've got a love affair with the people that support our band, and they've given me the socks I've got on my feet right now. Everything I've got's 'cause of them."

Sevendust issued its eighth studio album, "Cold Day Memory", in April 2010 and has been on the road almost constantly since the record's release.

The band is currently on the Rockstar Uproar Festival tour, alongside Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Seether, Bullet For My Valentine, Escape The Fate and others. The trek pulls into Virginia Beach on Thursday (September 1).

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    And the title of this article will be enough for some people, meaning UG just helped the rumor mill out. Not smart.
    Yeah, this is just a bigtime rumor right now. Honestly, I'm a huge Sevendust fan and I would hate to see them disband, but then again I understand that they are one of the hardest working bands in the industry and they would deserve some time off more than anybody. They are one of those bands that can't rely on record sales to support them, they have to go out and bust their ass on a nonstop touring schedule and then release another album and do the same thing again. There's almost no time off for these guys. Which is a shame if they do end up disbanding because it would be a mistake on their part. What they need is an extended break, like a year, not a month at a time like they have been. Morgan has said repeatedly that the constant touring wears them down, but they have no choice and give them credit there, ask anybody, Sevendust fan or not, Sevendust puts on one of the best shows around whether it be the first day of the tour or the last. They deserve some time off. Hopefully, these guys are just speaking how they feel at the moment, we'll see when the new album comes out and how they feel then, but I'm seeing them at Starland Ballroom on September 14th for the 5th time, and it better not be the last time.
    Well at least their not going dub-step or blaming it on the "demise of metal". Unlike SOME people *ahem* Disturbed, Korn...