Sex Pistols Fans Campaign For Jubilee Number One

artist: Sex Pistols date: 04/16/2012 category: music news
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Sex Pistols Fans Campaign For Jubilee Number One
Sex Pistols fans are campaigining to get the band's single "God Save The Queen" to number one the in the same week as The Queen's Jubilee later this year. The Queen will be celebrating 60 years as head of state in the UK and a series of high profile celebrations and ceremonies are due to take place in June as part of the Jubilee. Clearly wanting to inject a bit of punk spirit to the party, there is now a campaign to get "God Save The Queen" back to number one in the Official Singles Charts in the same week as the celebrations. The song was famously banned by many media outlets during the Queens Jubilee in 1977 and although it technically out-sold the Number 1 record of the week ("The First Cut Is The Deepest" by Rod Stewart) "God Save The Quee" peaked at Number 2 in the singles charts. The powers-that-be refused to acknowledge it but the Sex Pistols were Number 1 and so fans are keen to rewrite history in 2012. Writing on the campaign's Facebook wall, one fan wrote: "This song was denied the No.1 for the Silver Jubilee in 1977, where many other charts at the time placed the Pistols at the top spot. Time for a re-match... who's in?" It was recently revealed that the infamous punk band spurned the chance to perform at the Olympic Games in London later this year. "God Save The Queen" is officially re-released on May 28th. Thanks for the report to
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