Sex Pistols To Reunite At Japan Gig

artist: Sex Pistols date: 04/26/2006 category: music news
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Sex Pistols To Reunite At Japan Gig
The official John Lydon website recently posted a lengthy interview with the Sex Pistols frontman that addresses a number of issues, reports Among the things discussed were the version of the band's history publicised by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on their induction night (which Lydon disputes), a possible lifetime achievement award from the British Music Awards, and the rumours of a Japanese tour. On the tour Lydon explained: "Well, we got an offer, but it was no good. It was for a whole bunch of gigs. But what I wanted to do - and I've spoken to John Giddings on this - the promoter for Solo, who I like a lot - was to just do one big gig in Japan. My original idea was I wanted to do it on the day of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, like two fingers up, but that was a bit childish on my part. "I'd like to do one gig in Japan, live TV, and not bother with a whole tour because there's no need for it. And I've got too many other things to do. All of us have other work obligations now. Steve and his radio and whatever, and that's important, you know? We would do a gig for fun. For fun. And funds! (laughs) I like my fun funded! And you can quote me on that! (laughs) "Like I said, it would be a possibility if it's one gig with a possible TV broadcast. Then it's special. It would be like a thank you present. Any other way, no. Not particularly interested, certainly not going to go out touring. If I do, I'd go out solo..." The frontman also revealed his participation in an upcoming exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City titled AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion. The event is set to run from May 3rd to September 4th of this year and will focus on British fashion from 1976 to 2006. "The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York is gonna put up an exhibition and they want me to explain exactly what the lyrics of 'God Save the Queen' were about. Which is a good opportunity to actually get something right. They came to us, so I have a sense of responsibility towards that... "It's a museum that I do actually have some respect for, actually I love it. Been there many a time, it's one of the highlights of New York for me. They've gone and got the bloke who used to put on exhibitions at the Victorian & Albert. It's a British thing involving 17th and 18th century rooms, English style, authentic. And they're gonna plonk a punk thing right in the middle of it; as the two sides of British culture I suppose. With 'God Save the Queen' - the song - being exhibited as the penultimate punk statement, by which all others fall by the wayside, you know. And quite right. It's not silly words, and it takes a museum to realise this. A different approach to say, the British music awards or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so well interested in that." The event will also feature Vivienne Westwood, the designer linked to the Pistols through Malcolm McLaren and the SEX boutique. Lydon commented that she would be on the premises at the exhibit opening "Yapping on about what a genius she is."
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