Sex Pistols Turned Down Olympics Reunion Because of Keith Moon Blunder

The band shares the reason of their refusal to perform at the ceremony.

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The Sex Pistols' former bassist Glen Matlock has revealed that the band turned down the offer to reform for the Olympics because they found out organisers had also invited the Who's Keith Moon, who has been dead for over 30 years, to play.

The Sex Pistols split up in 1978, but the remaining members have played several reunion shows since then, the last of which was in 2008.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror (via Gigwise), Matlock revealed that the band were appalled to hear that organisers had reached out to the Who by attempting to contact Keith Moon, who died in 1978.

Matlock said: "I heard that they wanted the Who to do it, they wanted Keith Moon to perform. But he's only been dead 20 years. They had asked us to perform but the story about Keith Moon and the Who didn't help their pitch to us. That was one of the reason we said 'no'."

Moon died in 1978 at the age of 32 following an overdose of prescription drugs, but despite the organiser's blunder, the Who played "My Generation" live during the Olympics closing ceremony.

Elsewhere in the interview, Matlock talked down any talk of a reunion, telling the paper, "I haven't seen John [Lydon] for five years and I'm quite happy about that."

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    Weirdest headline I've seen in a long time. "Sex Pistols", "Olympics" and "Keith Moon" all in one headline.
    Oh you mean the Who performance that NBC cut short so they could show a God-awful (and nearly immediately canceled) sitcom? Oh yeah, good times...
    Did I miss something? 1978 was 36 years ago, not 20. Unless the Sex Pistols reunion for the Olympics was supposed to be in 1998 or something.
    Hmm, that invite happened a few years ago. Its weird that he just brought it up now.
    They probably wanted Keith to play because even after being dead for 20 years he's still more talented than anyone in the Sex Pistols.
    I think the Sex Pistols liked The Who, so they might agree. Not to mention, talent was never the point of punk music.
    The Pistols did cover The Who at the start. Matlock is a prick though...
    Pablo Mortis
    He'd been dead for 34 years at the time - I remember The Who's manager told the organisers they could try to contact Moon, but they'd require a stone table and a candle, something along those lines...
    So he heard a story that he didn't verify that gave him enough of a reason to say no despite not wanting to have anything to do with John Lydon anyway. He could have used anything as an excuse. No one missed them there anyway.
    The article doesn't mention what Olympics they are talking about, or even attempts to explain why Keith Moon blunder affected Matlock
    So basically, The pistols declined the offering because of some ignorant in the Olympic thought Keith Moon was alive, and they asked the Who to perform with him? hahahaah that's hilarious,those olimpyc twats need to get their facts straight first... Good one Pistols!