Sharon Osbourne Was Cheating On Ozzy

Sharon Osbourne appeared on the "Howard Stern Show" on Friday (December 5) to discuss her family's upcoming book, "Ordinary People: Our Story", and the recent revelation that she cheated on Ozzy in 1980 with his then-guitarist Randy Rhoads.

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Sharon Osbourne appeared on the "Howard Stern Show" on Friday (December 5) to discuss her family's upcoming book, "Ordinary People: Our Story", and the recent revelation that she cheated on Ozzy in 1980 with his then-guitarist Randy Rhoads.

According to a synopsis of Friday's show (as reported by, "Howard asked Sharon Osbourne about the claims she made about sleeping with Randy [Rhoads] back before she and Ozzy were married. Howard said he knows that the book company probably asked them to reveal some stuff they never revealed before and this is what Sharon came up with. Howard and Robin heard that Ozzy can't even talk about it since hearing about this. Sharon kept saying that she and Ozzy weren't married at the time so she wasn't cheating. Howard said that she was in a relationship with Ozzy though and this shouldn't have come out. Howard went on to tell her that she's so well taken care of being Ozzy's wife. He told her that Ozzy has given her the best life.

"Howard told Sharon that if his wife told him something like that, it would be embarrassing to him. He said she should never have done that. Sharon said she was not married and Ozzy was still married to his wife Thelma at the time. Sharon said this was all back in 1980. Howard said that Randy died in 1982 and asked her if she'd had sex with a corpse. She didn't sound like she was in the mood to hear that though. Sharon went on to tell Howard how she and Ozzy were together for about a month and Ozzy's wife didn't know about it at the time. She had to leave his house one night and she went off with Randy. They got drunk and had sex. That was all that happened according to her. Sharon told Ozzy about the incident the day after it happened, and Ozzy whacked her.

"Howard said that Sharon was heavy back then so he was even more impressed that she was able to get guys. He wondered what she's able to do to get guys like that. He wondered if it's oral or anal or what... He said she must have some vagina control or something. He said that Randy could have had any woman he wanted back then and he picked her for some reason. She said she is kind of sorry that she wrote this in her book and didn't want to ever embarrass Ozzy by doing so. She told Robin that she adores Ozzy and could never cheat on someone. She said she was only with him for one month at the time so it wasn't like they were in a serious relationship at the time. She told Howard he was making it sound like she'd slept with the entire English Army. Howard said Ozzy could probably deal with that better than her sleeping with his best friend.

"Howard asked Sharon if all of her kids are actually Ozzy's. He and Artie goofed on that for a minute and joked that she'd had Randy killed because her oldest daughter was actually his. She said her oldest is 20 years old and Randy died 23 years ago.

"Sharon said she only slept with Randy one time. Howard said he remembers a girl cheating on him with one of his best friends and nothing hurts like that. Howard continued to ask Sharon if she performed oral on Randy. She said that they just had regular sex. She also said she kept most of her clothes on when that happened. She said Ozzy is the only one she's slept with with all of her clothes off. She said Randy didn't use a rubber back then because it was the '80's. Howard wanted to know where Randy's 'DNA' ended up. She said she couldn't remember that far back. Howard asked if he banged her from behind. She said her knickers were down to her ankles and the rest of her clothes were on. Artie asked if he banged her over a drunk Ozzy. Sharon didn't seem to think that was very funny at all. She told Howard that she was jealous of Ozzy's wife back then and that's why she slept with Randy. Howard said he thinks that's why Ozzy shakes these days. It's all because she told him about sleeping with Randy. Howard also asked her if she ever gave Tony Iommi oral. Sharon's reply was negative.

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    There is no excuse for cheating on anyone. I don't care if it was a serious relationship or not; if you're seeing someone, it's cheating. I guess that means ozzt cheated on his wife too then, huh?
    Howard Stern is a jackass. Randy Rhoads is a musical legend who is being beriddled in his death. What's done is done, so forget about it.
    randy was the man jimi wasnt but if your drunk you dont no wat u coud do like the time me and my friend....i think i will stop there
    all of you. please. shut up. Howard Stern has a "Shock" factor to his show. Its his own style of comedy. And, I, Myself, Find it hilarious.
    Yeah, Howard Stern's an ass. nobody has the right to talk about randy rhoads that way. i think he was better than hendrix
    whats with all the names in bold?. it makes the writer sound retarded.
    i cannot believe what ive jus read!! howard stern is a complete arse. wot kind of pervert would quiz someone over thir sex life? plus the whole interview was completely sick - doesn't howard stern see any problem with talkin about dead people like that especially about someone who died in an accident wen they were 25?
    What an Arsehole Howard Stern is. Thats not Funny at all Randy Rhodes is a fukin legend and he is dissin him. Still Cheating isnt right
    Who cares, OZZY was cheating on his wife with Sharon, Sharon was only with him a short time but was with RR. That was in 1980 when they were all under a deep amount of drugs. Does that make cheating right, no. Should that have came out in the book before OZZY knew, no. But the thing is its already happened and it can't be changed. Yeah it is sad that it was OZZY best friend but, im sure hecan get over seeing as how without sharon, OZZY might not be alive today.
    over the years, ozzy probly cheated on sharon loads anyway, despite the fact that sharon was probly with him most of the time.
    that is crazy... i agree with those who say howard is an *******... he is. and if he is bagging on randy rhoads, you know he's a f@#$ing idiot. randy was THE MAN! still sharon should've never slept with randy/cheated on ozzy. ozzy is a god too.