Silent Album Raises $20,000 in Spotify Royalties

LA band Vulfpeck instructed fans to play the album overnight to raise enough money for them to tour.

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A band who put an album of silence on Spotify have raised nearly $20,000 (£11,700) for the stunt.

US funk band Vulfpeck's fourth album "Sleepify" is 10 tracks of complete silence. The band put it online and encouraged fans to stream it on repeat overnight to generate money to go on tour, tickets for which would be free.

As Billboard reports (via NME), a royalty statement shared by keyboardist Jack Stratton has revealed that the band's final two-month take from Spotify was $19,655.56.

Back in March, the band posted a YouTube video demonstrating how fans could generate cash for the band by repeatedly playing the album during a night's sleep. The band said that if they got enough money from Spotify, it would fund a tour that would be free for fans.

While the streaming service initially allowed the album to remain on Spotify for a while, it eventually asked the band to remove it, then took it off completely in April.

In reponse, the band posted a three-track EP on Spotify called "Official Statement."

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    An odd way to do things but you can't ague with results. Knowing artists really struggle with Spotify to make royalties they've done really well for themselves.
    Its a good idea. I'm not sure how that's enough money to put on a full tour and to do it for free though?
    In what world is 20k not a lot of money
    $20k isn't shit when it involves travel for a number of people and road gear, and then having to eat all costs associated with the venues since the concerts are free. $20k is a lot if someone writes you a check and you just go about your daily life; but not in this scenario.
    In what world do you think 20k is enough to put on a tour and do so for free? Obviously depends on location and number of shows, but 20k will be eaten up in a matter of seconds when arranging a tour the size I assume a band like this would do. I could be wrong, happy to be corrected, but 20k isn't a lot when your doing shows for free.
    Didn't another band do this not too long ago?
    Pretty sure it's the same band. They're just reporting on it again because the royalty check went through and last time this was reported on it was uncertain whether Spotify would actually pay them.
    This really annoys me, spotify offers artists money for people listening to their music and therefore being exposed to adverts, that's how spotify makes money to be able to pay artists. This is taking advantage of what seems to be the only way musicians can avoid piracy while having their music available online. If I were in charge I'd remove all their music and not pay them another penny.
    Pretty sure if you can plug headphones into something that has Spotify playing then chances are you can rip the audio. Don't mean to be "THAT GUY" but I've often wondered how they could make something that plays music you can't pirate and it doesn't seem likely right now.
    I'm sure you can if you really want, but it at least offers an easy opportunity to give something back when you listen. If more people ask their fans to do this spotify will become unprofitable and eventually won't be able to offer money to artists with actual music on there. So these few people taking advantage are putting the final nail in the coffin of the music industry as far as i see it.
    i thought totally silent tracks were copyrighted. the composer of 4′33″ is officially the composer of silence, and albums with silent tracks need to credit him. maybe thats total bollocks, but im sure i heard that somewhere
    Good on them for exploiting a broken system and making money to support their music. The world would be a better place if more people exploited all the loopholes that big faceless corporations have.