Simon and Garfunkel Might Tour Together Again: 'It Takes Two to Tango'

artist: Simon & Garfunkel date: 02/20/2014 category: music news

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Simon and Garfunkel Might Tour Together Again: 'It Takes Two to Tango'
Legendary Art Garfunkel went through quite a crisis over the past few years ever since suffering major vocal problems back in 2010. But the 72-year-old icon didn't give up without a fight and is now happy to report that "96 percent" of his voice is back.

Chatting with Rolling Stone, the musician even confidently stated that Simon and Garfunkel will likely tour together in the near future. "It takes two to tango," he said. "I don't want to be the blushing bride waiting for Paul Simon to walk down the aisle. If he's too busy to work with me I guess the real answer to your question is, 'I'm too busy to work with him.' I think that's the only answer I can give you for pride's sake.

"But I will say that word 'Yes' because I left that tour of the Far East in 2009 really happy," Art continued. "We did a neat show, and we both shared that feeling. It was cool. The band was great. So we're both committed to constant growth as men and as musicians. It sits there as a potential thrill. I know that audiences all over the world like Simon and Garfunkel. I'm with them. But I don't think Paul Simon's with them.

Discussing his relationship with Simon, Garfunkel added: "We are indescribable. You'll never capture it. It's an ingrown, deep friendship. Yes, there is deep love in there. But there's also s--t. Put that down."

Art also touched on the matter of his age. Asked about what it's like to be a 72-year-old musical icon, he replied, "At first, it wasn't strange at all. You pass through these decades and they don't seem to have any inherent meaning and you try to not lay any meaning on top of it. You just slide through and say, 'They're just numbers.'

"Seventy was painless. Seventy-one was still painless. Seventy-two is about your lower back. You put your socks on in the morning and you're 72. You get out of the taxi with a package and you're 72. You'll see. The lower back feels the age. The other 99 percent of my life is cool. I'm a rock & roll kid. I'm particularly young now that I have the thrill of a returned voice. I'm so grateful. I have a beautiful wife and two kids I'm raising. I'm full of riches and I feel them. I feel pretty light, ageless."
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