Singer Henry Derek No Longer in Scar the Martyr, Claims Quitting Due to 'Personal Differences,' Joey Jordison Says He Was Fired

Once again, confusion ensues.

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In a peculiar string of events, singer Henry Derek is no longer a member of Scar the Martyr, the band started by Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison.

What made the matter complicated are the contradicting statements regarding Derek's departure. The singer was first to issue a statement, noting he left the group due to "personal differences."

"I'm officially parting ways with Scar the Martyr due to personal differences, artistic direction and a slew of business decisions that I cannot simply ignore," the Blabbermouth statement reads. "I've given it a year of my life and now it's time to move on. Many thanks to all of the fans and friends that have shown their support."

However, the band statement was quick to follow via Facebook, claiming that Henry was in fact fired. The post reads as follows:

"To address the recent Scar the [Martyr] news out there and make sure all the facts are straight, Scar the Martyr has parted ways with Henry, not the other way around. With all that's been going on of late we have been forced to take a very careful look at how we are moving forward and with there being some creative and personal differences it made sense to move on without Henry.

"We have been very focused on new Scar the Martyr material and we couldn't be more excited with how the music is coming out. We are in the process of looking for a new singer and will have news on the search very soon.

"We appreciate all the support from our fans and we can't wait to share the next phase of STM with all of you. We wish Henry best of luck going forward."

Bonner was featured on the band's self-titled debut released last October. No information regarding the new singer has been released as of yet.

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    So Joey Jordison was supposedly kicked out of Slipknot and now a member wants out of his other band? Makes you think...
    It's the chain of screaming, according to Barney Stinson :p i bet he wanted to take his aggression out on something. But, really, this is stupid by Jordison...
    this may have happened because Henry couldn't pull off ANY of the songs live. Tried watching a video of "Cruel Ocean" and It's pretty sad
    as opposed to
    "Bonner was featured on the band's self-titled debut released last October." Shouldn't be: "Derek" or "Henry"?
    Full name is apparently Henry Derek Bonner. Article is, as always, not that well written, though.
    it's funny because murderdolls don't really do much anymore either is joey that obnoxious?
    I listened to Scar The Martyr and honestly I'd rather have more Murderdolls
    Yeah, Murderdolls songs are much shorter and still get to the point (unlike Blood Host which went on for... some time). Still, Wednesday 13's (lead singer of Murderdolls) most recent album was awesome
    I hate to say it but I think his ego is just as big as himself. He's a great drummer in my opinion and has been inspirational when I started to learn how to drum(trying not to sound like a fanboy here... but failing), but he's now on a downhill slope now. Hope he doesn't waste his career.
    I thought Murderdolls had broke up.
    No. They are kind of a side project, so they don't come together very often
    Yeah, Wednesday 13 said Joey hasn't talked to him in over 2 years, so Murderdolls won't be coming back soon (which is a shame, I thought they were a great band).
    "Bonner was featured on the band's self-titled debut released last October." Shouldn't be: "Derek" or "Henry"?
    Seems like Henry tried to get out of the band in the most neutral way possible - citing artistic differences and Joey somehow took it personally and decided to release a statement about them firing Henry...