Singer Ivan Moody Is Leaving FFDP

Musician says he's switching focus to new band Villain.

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Singer Ivan Moody Is Leaving FFDP

UPDATE: Ivan denied this story. Read about it here.

Ivan Moody has announced he's parting ways with Five Finger Death Punch, telling KBPI (via Rocksound):

"To be completely honest with you, Death Punch and I have kind of come to a crossroads. We're very proud of what we've done - years and years and years of work.

"It's time for us to take our way and go do something else, so after this year... my new band, Villain... I'm so excited."

Moody was a member of the FFDP fold since 2006, and has performed on each of the band's six studio albums.

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    How will they ever find another broski that can sing brostyle as bro-ish as this bro?
    I bequeath thee your 69th upvote, Brosef.  Now go forth into the world.
    Broriffic bro, that's a totally bro kindof thing for a bro to do for a bro, bro!
    Live long, and bro-sper, bro!
    To bro or not to bro, that is NOT the question bro! If you can bro, bro, if you can't bro, bro bro!
    Calling it right now- Villain is going to sound 100% exactly like FFDP
    I went thru a brief 5FDP phaze some years ago. Definitely not a fan these days, but it was mainly the piss poor lyrics that bugged me, rather than the music. Always thought Moody was a pretty decent vocalist. Wouldn't mind giving his new band a chance when they put something out.
    yeah me too. their first two albums were kind of solid. with some decent riffage and a few nice solos here and there. the vocals fit the style of the music. but after those two it got a little tedious and the lyrics really started to put me off.
    Album 1 was great, it was heavy, melodic, vocals were less cringe worthy, more solos, and it felt like they didn't hold anything back. Album 2 was ok, but you could hear the transition starting of playing more radio friendly rock/metal, then Ivan's lyrics just went god awful.  
    Yep. I followed him over to FFDP from Motograter, and the lyrics were a major let down. 
    Maybe this will mean some decent lyrics in future FFDP releases? I liked the music on their first two albums, but the lyrics were so bland or just plain stupid. If they can find someone to write better lyrics and have better delivery, I really think they could become a respectable metal group. 
    His lyrics worked with the whole tribal aesthetic of Motograter but he sounded like an uneducated bro-douche in 5FDP. They're better off without him. Fairly good musicians otherwise.
    Please no!!!!! I wanted to bring my son to see y'all! My daughter got to see you 2 years ago and was on stage with you! My little man is going to be so mad!
    JorshWarsh · Apr 21, 2017 02:11 PM
    Actually I'm a wonderful mother with 2 very happy, well- rounded, straight A children. Who are you to judge, you know nothing about me. Many children are present at these concerts. Seeing as you are so judgemental, I would say it was your parents that suck! My children already know better than to judge....
    easy tiger... i think he was joking because.. well ffdp is a really lame band! so yeah your a terrible parent... just kidding.... but really, take your kids to see iron maiden this summer. that will redeem you in the eyes of the all knowing all seeing ug comment section....
    Because what she really needs is the approval of these meatheads.  And how do you know her kids haven't seen Maiden yet?
    AvoidingBee7 · Apr 21, 2017 05:28 PM
    Shes taking her kids to a concert of a band they like, how on earth does she suck?
    I hope you were showing your children an example of what not to do. That would be great parenting.
    Alternatively, if you wanna show your kids what happens when you give birth in a gas station bathroom while high on meth, take 'em to an Insane Clown Posse concert...
    I talked to some metalheads who were super stoked about 5FDP and some of the stuff they showed me was pretty cool. But overall, I think this guy is a weak vocalist. I just don't like his stylistic choice of delivery. I also ended up at a 5FDP gig and thought that the show had absolutely no flow. Ivan kept stopping after every song to make sure everyone in the pit is ok. I like when bands do that, it shows they care for others' well-being, but after every song the music stopped and he gave some speech. It was just lame. I left after about 5 songs. Maybe the band will be better with a new vocalist.
    The guy has perfect vocals for this band.  Hate on him all you want, but there aren't that many guys that can pull off his style that well these days.
    I thought he was good with Motograter.  His lyrics weren't near as douchey and his vocals were more creative.