'Six-Strikes' Independent Expert Was RIAA Lobbyist

date: 10/23/2012 category: music news
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'Six-Strikes' Independent Expert Was RIAA Lobbyist
Following yesterday's confirmation of a "Six-Strikes" rule in the US to battle file-sharing, it has been revealed that the "independent firm" which will collect evidence for these cases is in fact a former lobbyist for the RIAA. The "six-strikes" program which has been branded the Copyright Alert System will enable internet service providers (ISPs) to warn certain customers to stop copyright infringement with letters. Repeat offenders could face reduced internet speeds, and Mediacom has even announced plans to ban customers on their third strike. The evidence for these allegations must be collected by an independent company, but now Torrent Freak reports that the MarkMonitor system which will gather the evidence will seemingly be managed by Stroz Friedberg, a firm that lobbied in Washington on behalf of the RIAA for half a decade. It raises questions over whether Stroz Friedberg is indeed independent and impartial as required, and whether a truly independent group was considered for the role. Is the "six-strikes" policy already set to be another huge industry failure? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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