'Six-Strikes' Rule Delayed Until 2013

The controversial "six-strikes" policy, where internet pirates would face warnings and penalties, has been delayed by Hurricane Sandy.

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The controversial "six-strikes" policy where internet pirates would face warnings and penalties has been delayed until 2013.

It was due to launch in the US today, but internet service providers (ISPs) say they're not ready, citing Hurricane Sandy as one reason for the delay.

"Due to unexpected factors largely stemming from Hurricane Sandy which have seriously affected our final testing schedules... the participating ISPs will begin sending alerts under the Copyright Alert System in the early part of 2013, rather than by the end of the year", said Jill Lesser from the Center For Copyright Information which was founded by the five leading US ISPs.

The policy has been controversial because it targets the owner of the internet connection, which might not be the person breaking copyright law. One recent case in Germany ruled that one pair of parents were not responsible for their son's music piracy but it took five years of trials and appeals to receive the judgement.

In September the ISP Mediacom announced stricter measures where its users will only receive three strikes before being banned from their service for life.

Critics of the six-strikes programme may be relieved that the companies are taking extra time to test the new system. "We need to be sure that all of our I's are dotted and T's crossed before any company begins sending alerts, and we know that those who are following our progress will agree", Lesser adds.

What do you think of the new six-strikes policy? Will it affect your online behaviour? Do you know anyone who has been affected by the Mediacom three-strikes rule? Let us know in the comments.

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    most of the bands ive been listening to lately have been giving their album out for free anyway. in return i buy a hard copy and shirt from their site. so just dont download century media albums, or wb for that matter
    At least you get six strikes and it's not the case of "you downloaded an album? go to prison right now". If someone gets 6 strikes they are an idiot who didn't get the message the first time around.
    Even after 6 strikes its completely up to your ISP if they want to deny you service. This whole thing is just a big joke.
    FUCK THE ISPs!!!! They'll never catch me! Piratebay 4 life!!! Somalia style byotchhhh!!
    It's copyright holders. ISP's actually do a lot to protect users from rules like this. Not really because of moral reasons, but just because they know they'll lose customers which is why record companies have tried to make it a federal thing so there would be no avoiding it.
    Fuck this shit. Why is nobody fighting back? What is it about Americans that we just let these big corporations push us around and control the government, media, and before long our free speech? WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA!
    I totally agree dude! We just let everything the government says or any big wig for that matter, they just tell us how it's gonna be an we just let it. We need to take our country and rights back! REVOLUTION!!!!!
    The same reason why the government still insist we pay federal taxes even though the supreme court itself has outlawed it and deemed it unconstitutional.
    but i thought that all of the controversy derived from that decision and the inability to agree on whether a "direct tax" applied to wages or not was the basis of the creation of the 16th amendment, thereby making it constitutional.
    MT in Austin
    I agree that piracy leeches money from the entertainment industry however, I think the entertainment industry leeches a far great percentage from artists. Neither situation is right. Here's my idea: When the industry comes completely clean about the EXACT percentage artists get from their work, we can all make a judgement on who the real pirates are here.
    A lot of people are complaining about this, but if you just pay for your music, it doesn't affect you. And if you download because you need to "try before you buy" go on youtube, it's not that hard!
    I would boycott any provider that had such measures. Internet traffic should be completely anonymous without a court order.
    I totally get why something like this should exist, however all it's going to do is push it more underground. I guess that'll reduce the amount of people that do it - even the pirate bay "block" in the UK apparently stopped quite a lot of downloaders. Either way, right now, it's just too easy to pirate things and there are a lot of sites out there that aren't scared to say that they provide downloads. That should definitely change, but I don't see them ever stopping it completely -as I said it'll probably go a bit more underground and people will just take more precautions. All I can say is, I hope this has a positive impact on music, TV, movie, video game and ebook sales.
    Yeah, I doubt they'll ever completely stop it, the best they can do is make it hard enough that not as many people will do it
    If you actually sit down and read the policy, the whole thing is a joke. This is more or less a way to make it look like something is being done just to appease the RIAA.
    I'm not sure if it's just applied to downloading music, if it isn't and it came to my ISP, then i'd be royally f#cked.
    Yeah! It's like if someone stole your car, but it's still there in the morning. Then you both have cars, and that's just total bullcrap.
    How come no one asks who really makes money from piracy? Let's just say that Google and the other IT-giants has not opposed couter-measures because of altruism towards their customers.
    God damn, do y'all not realize y'all are STEALING??? How would you feel if people were just taking your product and you got no money from it? You'd be pissed as well! THAT'S WHY THIS EXISTS.