Six New Lana Del Rey Tracks Leak Online

More tunes online ahead of "Ultraviolence" album.

Ultimate Guitar

Another batch of Lana Del Rey tracks have leaked online, the latest in a seemingly endless string of songs to have appeared online in recent months, Gigwise notes.

The US star was the victim of theft in late 2013, with thieves making off with a hard-drive packed with early tunes and potential demos for her second album, "Ultraviolence." Since then, they have gradually been emerging online, with six new tracks now on Soundcloud. The titles of the tracks are "In the Sun," "Put Your Lips Together," "Party Girl," "All Smiles," "Coca Colla" and "Betty Boop Boop."

Lana Del Rey is expected to release new album "Ultraviolence" in 2014. She recently told fans that her second record was scheduled to hit shelves on 1 May, but no official release has been confirmed.

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    Whether you like Lana Del Rey or not, people who leak other people's stuff in this context are giant dicks.
    Why does UG even post articles like this? Could they not forsee that the songs be taken down within a few hours?
    Better yet, why dont they spend the time posting more useful streams like the new Architects or Carnifex albums?
    Her music is good but they butchered "Summertime Sadness" on the radio with that annoying remix.
    Smells like marketing to me. You definitely create a few headlines with this kind of stuff nowadays, so why not spare a few "early tunes".
    who ? no but seriously why does ultimate guitar care? specially when the "artist" is singing about coca colla and party girl... i don't even know what the **** betty boop boop is. did she misspell boob ?