Sixx: A.M. Unleash New Single 'Gotta Get It Right'

The first tune off the upcoming album "Modern Vintage" is here - listen.

Ultimate Guitar

Following the recent announcement of their next full-length album, Sixx: A.M. have just released the new track "Gotta Get It Right." Listen to it below (via Loudwire).

Last week, Sixx: A.M. revealed that their third studio album will be released on October 7.

"Like our favorite bands from the 1970s, Sixx: A.M. Is rooted in songwriting, musicianship and lyrics - three core elements that helped to define that era," says Nikki Sixx. "Sixx: A.M. has taken even more pages from this book on 'Gotta Get It Right' and the rest of 'Modern Vintage,' having hopefully created a record that demands to be discovered again and again."

James Michael adds, "On the first two albums, Sixx: A.M. established a musical freedom that few bands get to enjoy. 'Gotta Get It Right' is clearly a birth child of that creative freedom and an exciting next step for us as our goal was to create something which confounds both expectation and categorization."

Ashba continues, "'Gotta Get it Right' is a great example of how Sixx: A.M. has set out to celebrate the music that has influenced us over the years and we truly feel we've made a genre defying album with 'Modern Vintage.'"

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    Wow.. I remember the first time I heard Life is Beautiful, and I was like, 'Hey, this is a pretty decent song..." I clicked on this recalling such memories, and was heavily let down. Bad song.
    I love sixx a.m , but I don't love this . It's different, that's for sure
    kill it
    pile of crap and way overproduced. now they can tour with marianas trench.
    I love it. Nikki is an awesome songwriter, and at his best when he branches out to other things. This is the best thing he has released with Sixx AM in my opinion.
    Didn't blow me away, but not bad either. I will say this: good for them for not just sticking to a formula, this is quite different than the other stuff they've done. Should be an interesting album.
    I've got this tabbed, just waiting for it to be approved. Love the song the more I listen to it.
    It's a Catchy Song... The chorus keeps hanging around in my head. I agree it's way diffrent than Heroin Diaries & This Is Gonna Hurt. It does have 70's Queen influences and I think the song will grow the more you hear it.
    Sounds like a fun song actually, better than the last Motley Crüe song.
    This is why metal is dying. Shit like this shouldn't even be classified as rock. Save your money to buy the new Godsmack album.
    Dr. Knox666
    I really liked This is gonna hurt but this song kinda sucked. Hopefully the rest of the album is better
    Agreed. This Is Gonna Hurt was much better. This is actually kinda disappointing, considering how much Nikki's been hyping this song on various social networks recently...
    This is crap I expected much better. Sounds like over produced pop music. The lyrics weren't too bad but where did the music go? Seriously boring:/