Sixx:A.M. Releasing New Album 'Modern Vintage' This October, Share Full Details

artist: Sixx: A.m. date: 08/01/2014 category: music news

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Sixx:A.M. Releasing New Album 'Modern Vintage' This October, Share Full Details
Sixx:A.M. have officially announced their third studio effort "Modern Vintage," confirming an October 7 release, as well as sharing full details.

The album's lead single "Gotta Get It Right" is set to drop on August 5, and will be followed with an official video a day after.

"There are moments on the record that literally sound like they were written and recorded in late '60s/early '70s, and then there are moments that sound like they were recorded in a time that hasn't even happened yet. So sonically speaking, it's a real journey and I think that the title 'Modern Vintage' really describes that," said vocalist James Michael.

The band also showed a great dose of enthusiasm about the lead single, with guitarist DJ Ashba branding it "a birth child of that creative freedom and an exciting next step for us as our goal was to create something which confounds both expectation and categorization."

"Modern Vintage" Track Listing:

1. Stars
2. Gotta Get It Right
3. Relief
4. Get Ya Some
5. Let's Go
6. Drive
7. Give Me a Love
8. Hyperventilate
9. High on the Music
10. Miracle
11. Before It's Over

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