Skid Row: Why We Failed to Reunite With Sebastian Bach Last Year

"We got offered a lot of money."

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Skid Row: Why We Failed to Reunite With Sebastian Bach Last Year

Skid Row guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo confirmed that the band was seriously considering a reunion with Sebastian Bach last year, explaining to Eddie Trunk (via Blabbermouth):

"There was definitely dialog that was going back and forth and there was talk.

"I think everybody was entertaining the idea. And I think, really, what it ended up being was we realized that whatever it was that tore us apart years ago still existed.

"We got offered a lot of money.

"There was a lot of stuff that's been said about what happened and tours being booked... That didn't happen - tours were not booked.

"Any offers that came in came through to me and Rachel [Bolan, bass], 'cause it's our band. So there was a good amount of money being offered. And then with the dialog that went back and forth, it got ugly again."

Focusing on the disagreements, Sabo noted:

"It had nothing to do with money. I'll tell you straight up - no one was making was more than anybody else.

"That was one of the things that we said - Rachel and I and Scotti, we were, like, 'This is easy from that perspective.' I'm not gonna sit there and do it any other way.

"It was more about control, I think. Other people having a desire to have more control over this thing than we were willing to give. And it was not about anything other than this is our band.

"This is not ego-driven, I promise you. It wasn't about me making more money than you, or you making more... it wasn't about that at all. I guess it was the personality conflicts that existed before, 20 years ago [that are still there]."

When Trunk pointed out that Motley Crue managed to complete an 18-month final tour while traveling on separate buses and barely speaking to each other, Dave replied:

"Yeah, but they were miserable - they were all miserable. And see, that's the thing, man... I don't know... I guess I look at it differently.

"I really like my life, man. I really like being happy. I have great joy playing Skid Row music now. Not to say that I didn't before, but in this moment in time, I'm extremely happy.

"My life is awesome, my friends are awesome, the people I make music and jam with, they're all awesome.

"And so, I've gotta say, yeah, the idea, the romantic notion of a reunion and the monetary aspect of it is all well and good, but at the end of the day, man, I really enjoy the space that I'm in.

"I just wanna be a good guy, I wanna be a good husband, a good father, a good friend, a good brother. The way that we existed towards the end, after 'Subhuman Race' and when everything fell apart, it was misery for everybody - not just me; for everybody."

However, the guitarist also pointed out:

"I always never say never.

"I guess that's like my way of not committing to saying, 'No, it will never happen.' The chances of it happening, I mean, I would say they're slim to none, but I never say never.

"But I will say this: in this day and age, we live in the moment, man. I mean, I'm living right here, right now in the moment. And I love having ZP in the band."

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    Would have been a year to remember if this happened.. Helloween's Pumpkins United Guns 'n Roses' not in this lifetime tour And maybe one day Skidrow with Sebastian Bach
    Clickbait subject title, again. They didn't fail to reunite, they chose not to reunite. There's a distinct difference: to fail is to try and not succeed; to choose is to make a decision based on reason and experience, all of which are outlined by the band.
    1) From their perspective they didn't "fail" to reunite. 2) Skid Row = Sebastian Bach, not "zp theart", whatever those words mean.