Skinny Music Launches An Extensive New Music Gear And Industry Website

artist: Skinny Music date: 11/01/2012 category: music news
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Skinny Music Launches An Extensive New Music Gear And Industry Website
Skinny Music provides musicians, gear heads and music lovers with original written and video reviews, lessons, editorials and news coverage including an exciting weekly show, aptly named "The Skinny". While Skinny Music's original material is at the heart of its unique approach, the Skinny Music team also scours the internet, in search of the best videos that other musicians have painstakingly crafted. Andrew Garza, Director Of Media at Skinny Music, explains, "Our goal is to create a home for not just musicians and technicians, but for people who just love music and want to hear about their favorite artists, as well as the latest and greatest analog synth pedal." "The Skinny" is a one-of-a-kind weekly video wrap-up show that addresses the hottest developments in the music gear and industry universe. Each week, the host informs viewers about everything from Fender's latest guitars to behind-the-scenes news on their most cherished bands, concerts and festivals. The production and special effects satisfies people's attention spans while serving up some generous visual stimulation. The written and video reviews are meticulously devoted to providing insightful and reliable information in an entertaining and professional manner. Billy Fuller is the owner of Beach Music, a music equipment store in southern California. He had this to say, "The reviews are extremely reliable and fun! I get a lot of gear coming in and out of the shop and it's a nice resource for both myself and for my customers. I always enjoy watching 'The Skinny' as well." Skinny Music's exhaustive efforts are intended to offer the best teaching material on the web. "We take the lesson section very seriously and after many years of teaching, I feel that both the original material and the lessons we've gathered, from some of the amazing teachers around the Internet, are great for everyone. Whether you're a complete novice or a jaded professional, Skinny Music should have something for you." Says Josh Hiken, a contributor for Skinny Music. Skinny Music is an online media website for music fans and professionals that can be accessed at
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