Skrillex Ranked Among Greatest Guitarists Ever

artist: Skrillex date: 05/08/2012 category: music news
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Skrillex Ranked Among Greatest Guitarists Ever
Spin magazine has included Skrillex in a feature on the 100 greatest guitarists of all time, despite admitting they don't know if he's ever held a guitar. Skrillex has, somehow, been voted one of the greatest guitarists of all time. The dubstep producer who appears not to include a guitar in his live act was part a feature in Spin magazine, which ranked its 100 favourite guitarists. Skrillex ranked in last place at 100. Skrillex - real name Sonny Moore - was once a guitarist and even fronted a moderately successful hardcore band named From First To Last. Despite this, Spin confirms that it included the young dubstep producer without knowing about his rock background. "Look, as far as we know, our asymmetrically coiffed party pal has never held a guitar in his life," it admits, possibly confirming that his position on the first page of the feature was simply to generate controversy and page views. Spin goes on to justify his inclusion thanks to his "primal understanding of adrenaline-pumping, pulse-raising, chest-caving bulldozer riffs" which are generated on electronic synths on his dubstep releases. In joint-first place as Spin's greatest guitarists of all time were Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth, beating Kurt Cobain in 4th place and Tony Iommi in 18th place. "The bass drop to "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" might just be this generation's "Smoke on the Water," says the article. Try the clip below to see if you agree:
Here's the top 10 guitarists according to Spin: 10. Jam Master Jay (Run-DMC) 09. Eddie Hazel (Funkadelic) 08. Johnny Ramone (The Ramones) 07. Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd (Television) 06. Prince 05. J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) 04. Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) 03. John Fahey 02. Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) 01. Lee Ranaldo & Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)
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