'Slash 360' App Now Available

artist: Slash date: 06/13/2012 category: music news
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'Slash 360' App Now Available
According to Blabbermouth.net, Mativision - the leader in multi-camera interactive viewing technology - has released "Slash 360", a new app which brings you into the studio with Slash, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, along with producer Eric Valentine, as they play their new album, "Apocalyptic Love", from beginning to end. Follow every moment through six 360-degree spherical cameras. You choose the camera. Move each camera a full 360-degrees using touch control or your device's gyroscope. Pinch in or out to use the zoom feature to get closer to the action. Features:
  • Choose from 6 different cameras positioned throughout the studio.
  • From each camera, you can rotate in a full 360-degree view.
  • Zoom in and out.
  • Instantaneous switching from camera to camera.
  • Switch between full screen or framed high resolution view. (iPad version only)
  • Bonus materials including: photos, album artwork and song lyrics.
  • Move the cameras using your device's gyroscope. These apps let you follow every moment as the band performs songs from the new album through six 360-degree spherical cameras. You choose the camera angle via touch or gyroscopic control - each camera rotates a full 360-degrees. Pinch in or out on your device to use the zoom feature to get closer to the action. Each app also includes additional content, such as exclusive photos and song lyrics. There are two versions of the app to choose from - one version includes the hit single "You're A Lie" along with photos, lyrics and other extras and the second a full version that includes the full "Apocalyptic Love" album, photos, lyrics and other extras. The apps are priced in the United States iTunes store at $0.99 and $4.99, respectively. Pricing varies by territory.
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