Slash: 'A New Band Will Change the Face of Rock Very Soon, I'm Absolutely Certain'

Guitar icon optimistic about the future of guitar-driven sound.

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Guitar icon Slash shared an optimistic stance regarding the future of guitar-driven music, saying that a new game-changing band is bound to surface very soon.

During a recent online Q&A session, the axeman noted, "I'm absolutely certain there will be a band that's gonna come along, probably very soon, that's gonna change the face of rock, for sure."

As for the rest of the chat, Slash was asked about the amount of improvisation involved in his playing. "I would say probably 90 percent of my playing involves improvising," he kicked off.

"That's pretty much where everything comes from, it's just jamming and making stuff up. Guitar solos are the same way, it's just sort of playing the song and whatever comes to your mind first, whatever you feel at the moment, that's what will come out."

Slash also discussed the time he realized that music was his true calling, as well as some of his greatest fears. More in the clip below.

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    No there won't be such a band. And even if there was a band that would get rock back on the mainstream map it would get bashed to death by the rock fans.
    Too true! And as soon as a rock band begins to slant towards a more radio friendly sound they get dismissed as sellouts. Like the Black Keys, one of the most promising rock bands to get mainstream recognition in recent memory, but when they released El Camino and especially Turn Blue, half of their so called "devoted fanbase" turned on them. Rock will never reach the top until the fans learn to open their minds and stop holding it back
    I really don't like the Black Keys. I feel like their sound is a repeated sound, and is nothing special. You know what, thats the first time I ever went out of my way to say that. Also, I still respect them as musicians. I might not like it, but there is still rock music on mainstream radio that kids are now listening too. When kids get into this band, they will also get into other rock bands. It opens up a stage for other people. So instead of going out of my way to talk about how big of a shit they are, I support them because the love for that band by other people can turn into a love for rock music. That love might spread to a band I like, or maybe a band I'm in. It would be great for the rock genre as a whole, if people on here would quit trying to make people feel ashamed for their taste in music. Quit acting like their opinion is superior. My reaction to Black Keys outta be a great example of that, no I don't like them... but thats my opinion, its subjective, and it doesn't mean they are bad musicians. Support rock groups, or leave them be, its great for every rock band if every rock fan would take that approach and quit acting like superior ****tards.
    Respect to you sir! also apologies for the accidental dislike, remind me never to use UG on my phone again :/
    You're going to get bashed too. By people that can't handle the truth... that they're part of the problem.
    They have. Just rock/metal fans have shit on them for not being what they want to listen to.
    I mean it's only a matter of time before something sparks. My ears are ready for whatever's next for rock n roll
    I know I'll get hate for this but the only band I see realistically doing this any time soon is Avenged Sevenfold.
    They are one of the biggest metal acts right now. It's not like any of their fans care that some old farts on UG hate them. They are a great band with some good musicians and really good songs.
    I pray to God Slash is right! I wish them supernatural luck and more, because that band, whatever they might be, will have to wake up buried alive in a graveyard of useless old fat-assed David Crosby-esque clones, Johnny Winter zombies, Gene Simmons talentless, blowhard insufferables, millions of pointless, cardboard cut-out, non-musician hip-plop and rap "artists" (OMG!), MTV-generation sub-specie Millenials, soylent green pseudo-adult full-diaper babies, egomaniac "divas" allergic to originality, more horrific dying old hippie capitalists -- it'll be crowded in that casket! -- and they'll need to scratch and crawl their way out of the pine box and then DIG furiously with bare hands up through six feet of muddy apathy and world-wide conformity to get a single breath of fresh air going. Pretty much exactly what Nirvana did to gas-bag hair bands -- but yes it's coming and I hope it's worth the wait. Look at what Deap Vally is doing.
    The chili peppers will create a lot of buzz with their new album. Klinghoffer will take them somewhere they have never been before. And the only people who won't be on board are all the Frusciante fanboys whose response will always be..."I hope they get John back"
    Or, the Frusciante fanboys will eat their words. Klinghoffer, too, is a phenomenal guitarist who doesn't get the credit he deserves.
    I agree with what somebody else said before, that the actual Frusciante fans are Klinghoffer fans too. It's just the other RHCP fans that don't like the change in sound.
    In the next few years I believe A rock band will emerge and they will be like The Beatles of our generation
    Could be Veil of Maya. They don't play rock (they play more like an undefined style of Metalcore, Deathcore and Djent) but their guitarist has a really unusual playingstyle and an unusual guitar sound
    check out dope d.o.d. they ain't really guitar driven but they are awesome Dope D.O.D. ft. Teddy Killerz - Master Xploder (Official Video)
    they're fresh too, keep open mind people share the music, and keep expanding your genre lists
    I want to know if green day will bring rock back to the mainstream. They brought punk to the mainstream in '94, and rock in general in '04. I hope they can do it again.
    Their kinda old to do that
    True, but you could also say Slash is too old as well and he's older than them. And people Green Day said that were too old that 10 years ago.
    Monster Truck
    FWIW they have opened for Alice in Chains, although i dont see how they could CHANGE the face of rock because they are very generic. Change would imply that you are doing something different.
    Guns N' Roses new album?
    I think bands like Animals as Leaders are definitely pushing guitar music in some direction. How far they can take it remains to be seen.
    Blind In 1 Ear
    this isn't news first of all, he says these things all the time. also, can people tell rock stars to shut up for once about the state of rock? it isn't dead or dying and there are plenty of people making progressive music that is interesting and unique. they just aren't in the media because music is becoming more independent and there's nothing the music industry can do.